This Ganesh Chaturthi, pledge to give up one emotional vice |
This Ganesh Chaturthi, pledge to give up one emotional vice

This Ganesh Chaturthi, pledge to give up one emotional vice

1 Sep, 2019

Whether it is for Salman Khan getting home the lord of good fortune or simply that lovely neighbour of yours who comes to your place with an invitation, Ganesh Chaturthi is more like an all-inclusive festival. With the festival time ticking in, we have some quick fixes to make! 

Ganesh Chaturthi and the immersion or lord always intrigued me. Why, if at all we welcome the lord with so much fun and frolic, must we immerse him? Why do we have to test our skill of powerful endurance and immerse the lord each year in order to get him home the next? A lot of emotions get tested in this process. 

That’s what got me thinking. This festival can simply be your guide to wellness and fitness. Ganesh Chaturthi is about internalizing the good and flushing out the bad. When you immerse the lord, you immerse the negativity along with him and hope that the vices you put on his feet, the worries you told him about are long gone with him! 

Emotional vice? Say what?

Humans are, by default emotional. Yes, so when you use the word ‘emotional’ as a negative word, you’re wrong. We are filled with different emotions (so, emotional). However, the way we express them can be quite different. We are filled with various emotional vices- be it your jealousy or anger or possessiveness; here are top 5 vices that you may inherently have but DEFINITELY need to shoo them away: 

  1. Baggage: I must admit, I have this one! There are times when you carry additional emotional baggage. Be it guilt, grudge, anger, vengeance, pain or simply sorrows-DON’T. Let go! Let go of what you can’t control and definitely of those that you are not responsible for. There will be things that hurt you- yes, you wanted closure, but you can’t have it all! Let go of the emotional baggage!

  2. Entitlement: This one is tricky! Often times, we get pissed at people for not telling us what they’re doing or not keeping up to our expectations. Remember, nobody is accountable to you. Everyone has an image of how they wish to be and they are the sole creator of their universe. You may be super close to them but, they’re not entitled to you (and neither are you entitled to them!).

  3. Holding on: Ganesh Chaturthi is one of those festivals, where the immersion or letting go of the idol, is equally celebrated. That’s a sign of how you must let go of people. This one often happens with parents or partners. Yes, at some point in time they needed your assistance for a certain thing, you were with them throughout, but that still doesn’t mean you decide things for them. NO. And if they decide for themselves, it doesn’t mean they’re surpassing you or that they no longer need you. I believe ‘NEED’ is a very loosely used term in love. Nobody ever needs anyone to survive, just want them! Let go of your emotions and bad thoughts. Let go of that habit of assuming things. And leave that habit of holding people responsible for their thoughts and actions, just because,  its inconvenient for you.
  4. Insecurity: Why does she have to keep a picture with that guy as her WhatsApp DP? Is something breing between them? Do you find yourself thinking in these terms? Please, just throw these thoughts out of that window. Ganesh Chaturthi is about you identifying the bad and good in you and doing away with them. Your insecurity and damage your partner’s peace in a great way. Let alone the damage your cause to the trust in your relationship. Everytime you question the character or reasoning of your partner, you are tarnishing your image in their eyes. DON’T DO THAT!

  5. Unacceptance: Simply put, this means not accepting something/ someone. Acceptance is about welcoming someone/ something in its truest form- whether or not, it is in accordance with your thoughts. I believe this one is super significant because unless you accept a thing fully, you will never be able to internalize it at all!

This Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s try to internalize and celebrate the lord within us while flushing out the vices we carry! 

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