This World Heart Day, Practice these 3 exercises to Improve your Heart Health |
This World Heart Day, Practice these 3 exercises to Improve your Heart Health

This World Heart Day, Practice these 3 exercises to Improve your Heart Health

29 Sep, 2019

Someone rightly said, “For good health’s sake, run, jump, and shake.” For a healthy heart, you ought to strive harder. The connection between a healthy heart and exercise is much deeper than you may think. Although very few of us like to do it, exercising, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, is vital in staying fit. 

The heart-friendly effects of exercise are possibly less instinctive, but they are just as distinct. Research has revealed that overweight people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of heart disease than thin people who don’t.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke and heart attack, are a serious concern since they cause 17.9 million deaths each year worldwide. By raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases, their causes, and preventions, these premature deaths caused due to heart diseases can be controlled. 

So, here are our top 3 picks of heart-friendly exercises you can get started with:

  1. Burpees 

Burpees could be one of the toughest, most intense parts of a workout session. This sweat-sucking four-step workout involves thrusting, squatting, jumping, and getting into a plank position. Burpees being a full-body exercise helps all the major muscle groups including the chest, arms, glutes, quads, and abs. Burpees help in improving anaerobic capacity by increasing the heart rate in a short duration. During anaerobic exercise training, the body tends to produce energy with little or no oxygen assistance. 

Wonder why burpees are included in the hardest of workouts like CrossFit? Because burpees not only help in getting your heart rate up – fast, but they are also great for developing endurance and conditioning. Burpees are very beneficial if you want to get in shape in a short period, whether your goal is to train for a triathlon, learn a new sport, or just hike a big mountain. 

  1. Aqua Aerobics

Any exercise done in the water or land can lower the resting heart rate. But water exercises have their own set of benefits, most importantly for the heart. A normal resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 80 beats per minute. To make your heart healthier and stronger, you need to make it beat faster, which can be done with aqua aerobic exercises. Just stepping into the pool lowers the blood pressure for a large set of people. Lowered blood pressure lingers for a short while after you get out of the pool. However, by exercising regularly in the water, the vessels eventually become more supple and flexible. 

Water aerobics sessions include a warm-up, strength-training exercises, cardio, and a cool-down. You can expect exercises like bicep curls, water walking, kickboard moves, and leg lifts. While working out in the pool, if you experience chest pains, you need to stay in the water since the heart rate goes up when you exit the pool. It has been observed that adults who performed aqua aerobics regularly for three months saw dramatic improvements in their fitness levels, symptoms, and overall quality of life. 

  1. Walking 

Go for a stroll. Take your dog out. Run an errand. With every step, walking offers benefits and one of them is your heart health. As per the American Heart Association, walking helps in improving blood pressure, cholesterol levels, energy levels, and can fight weight gain to improve overall heart health. By squeezing time to understand your daily routine, it is possible to find time for cardiovascular fitness with the help of walking. 

It is recommended to go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day, and 60 minutes a day for people who need to reduce their weight. This should cause you to breathe quickly with a discreetly higher heart rate but not prevent you from communicating easily. Besides, walking and jogging offer the great advantage of demanding no practice or skill. Everyone knows how to do it; all you need is a good pair of shoes.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, exercise also:

  1. It allows better blood flow in the small blood vessels around the heart
  2. It helps you work more efficiently under stress or pressure
  3. It provides more energy
  4. Releases happy hormones that influence mood
  5. Helps you sleep better
  6. May help you reduce or eliminate some of your medications

With heart or cardiovascular problems on the rise, taking precautionary measures to maintain good heart health is crucial. Being physically active is necessary to keep a check on factors such as cholesterol levels, weight, and blood pressure, which conversely put pressure on your heart. In addition, you can also practice yoga, which is known to improve various physical and mental health ailments. Combine these exercises with a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure you keep heart diseases at bay. 

Akanksha Shukla is a content strategist, writer by the day and reader by the night- all with the trusted companionship of coffee!

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