This Yoga Day, Let's Pledge To Get Fitter, NOT Thinner |
This Yoga Day, Let’s Pledge To Get Fitter, NOT Thinner

This Yoga Day, Let’s Pledge To Get Fitter, NOT Thinner

21 Jun, 2019

Being THIN and being FIT are two different things. READ THAT AGAIN!

Fat, thin, obese, fair, wheatish, dark, tall, handsome, pretty, bald, stout are common adjectives to describe a person. But you know what, DON’T. Those words that we initially used as just adjectives have come to bully us in ways we didn’t imagine and didn’t bother to notice.

Yes, it’s true. When you sit across 10 people in your dinner table and discuss conventional beauty, you will undoubtedly find yourself hearing ‘lean’ as a trait. Somehow, whether it the top actresses that we talk of, supermodels, celebrities- they’re mostly fair and lean. Blame it on those movies that define every beautiful heroine as lean and pretty or on those advertisements that have women and men with their hot-bod and chiseled body. Call it an uncanny coincidence or a deliberately planned way of shaming a body type, our concepts of ‘healthy’ urgently need to be revisited.

Being fit is a word to largely imply that you are hail and hearty. It indicates that you have strong immunity, clean gut, and mental well-being. But hola! Did I skip anything about beauty or body kind in this? No, I didn’t miss it because it isn’t important! Guess what, whether you are thin or fat isn’t exactly related to your fitness. I know women who weigh 38kgs and are terrifically fit and those who are 63kgs and extremely fit too. Basically, it isn’t those numbers that actually define your wellness but the points mentioned above that actually make you healthy.

While we truly understand that the perfect 36-24-36 figure is something that each of us crave to have (in case of a woman) and a straight figure with flawless abs and muscles (for a guy), it must be understood that perhaps none of these indicate good health. But for a super-fit body, you must practice yoga. Here are 5 ways in which yoga will help you:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Keeping you calmer
  • Inducing positivity
  • Aiding in weight-loss or weight-gain
  • Keeping your heart healthy

This International Yoga Day, let’s thrive to be fit and not thin or lean! Be it hot yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga yoga or any form of yoga, just remember to be consistent and keep practicing. On this eve, let’s pledge to give away all our prejudices about body sizes and remember, your identity isn’t determined by your weight but purely by your character and personality!

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