Top 5 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and magical |
Top 5 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and magical

Top 5 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and magical

24 Dec, 2019

All geared up for Christmas, are we? What if we told you that you can take a few simple steps to make the festival more magical! Wondering how? Let us help you.

Buy a ‘green’ tree

Well, stating the obvious – we mean eco-friendly. While it might seem that an artificial one is easier to manage, but after the festival is over, most of them accumulate in the landfill. Sure, if you already have an artificial one, make sure you use it well before tossing it in the trash.

Have a sustainable theme for decoration

Decorating the tree is the fun part, isn’t it? What if we chose a sustainable theme that became a little magical game of creativity and innovation? Some ways of doing that are swapping plastic with recyclable décor such as wood, fabric, glass cotton so on and so forth – and maybe each one has to make one décor piece and have a prize around it! That sounds fun, right? Also, try and make timeless décor so that it can be used again next year – this will save money, effort and again be pro-eco. Inviting nature is another idea here – get the plants and the branches in – now this is a magical and eco-friendly Christmas ritual.

Sustainable secret Santa gifts

Oh, we love Santa! And Santa also is going eco-friendly and loves magic! How can we exchange recyclable gifts? Why not exchange only fair-trade and eco-friendly gifts this year? This will make people think out of the box as well as minimise wastage. Another magical thing to do is to gift the lesser fortunate. Make them a part of the festivities and share a little of your joy with them.

Get creative with gift wrapping

Get rid of all your old papers and create your own wrapping paper! It can be fun and unique – otherwise, you can always use recycled wrapping paper as well.

Send Christmas cards sustainably

If there is one place we can make it eco-friendly as well as magical with special messages, it is sending Christmas cards digitally. You can record a video with some props on you or send an e-card with customised messages. Make your loved ones smile and feel special – this will make their day!

Go zero waste for Christmas dinner

Plan in advance by getting the headcount before you go grocery shopping. Try some yummy vegan dishes as a goal towards conscious eating! Create different dishes from leftovers – there are several online that can ensure we do not waste food or even call a child helpline so that we can make sure the leftover food is consumed. Make it magical by getting the kids to prepare their special dishes for their friends – they will value the festivities even more!

I am sure by now your mind is running with several more ideas and that was the plan indeed.

As we move towards being more conscious living and being environmental friendly, all our efforts count and influence others. No other way than doing it during the festive time so that we show it can be fun and magical!

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