A lot of us are looking for ways to keep ourselves productively occupied during the lockdown. We all want to learn a new skill, better ourselves, or stay fit. So, Thriive brings you a compilation of online sessions by our certified experts to help you make the most of your lockdown. Join a range of productive online courses that will keep you in shape and increase your vibration. We bet it will drive away your quarantine blues and you will desire for more.

1) BollyX: This Bollywood inspired dance fitness workout with Amrita Kotak, a certified Dance instructor is guaranteed to get your feet thumping and blood pumping. A free trial session will be conducted followed by regular sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 5 to 6 pm on Zoom app. The cost per session is Rs 300.

The high intensity workout with an interval training format ensures a greater calorie burn than a steady state cardiovascular workout. You don’t need any prior dance experience and people of different  fitness levels are welcome. The movements are modified for a low impact , if you are not able to tolerate high impact activity on your joints.

Contact  91674 86070 for more details.

2) Empower & Discover Yourself with Ankur Rupani, Life Coach, an expert on the Law of Attraction and Meditation.

Empower & Discover Yourself is the ultimate 30 days mind-power programme to enhance performance, improve focus, and excel at whatever you do and achieve your goals. In this programme, you can learn how do we create our reality? What is matter and consciousness? What are thoughts and emotions? How we can use emotions as a guidance system to connect to self/Source? How can we set goals in line with our purpose and deeper calling? How can we improve focus? How can we handle negative emotions? How we can be mindful, stress free and more aware? How does subconscious mind work? How can we do subconscious mind programming to get desired results? How to make a vision board? The sessions include centering Alpha Meditation, centering with visualization, two guided meditations for increasing your focus, increasing your joy and happiness, and boosting your health.

You will also receive a guide book that explains the process of creation and guides you to set your goals and achieve them. The cost for the programme is Rs. 1999.

For more details: email – [email protected] or send a  Whatsapp on 9820843769.

3) Seeds of Wellbeing, a process of experiencing a vibrational shift

Seeds Of Wellbeing (SOW), an initiative by Geeta Bhansali is a transformative process of experiencing the shift from old to new.  You will move deeper within the old layers of conditioning, learn to declutter, rediscover the hidden aspects of self, make newer choices and take actions for experiencing the new you. SOW makes you believe that you are the seed with immense potential, all you need to do is tap into it. SOW offers a 5-day Facilitation Experiential learning program. This programme is packed with integrated therapeutic tools, techniques, activities, processes, related to mind and body. Through this programme, you will learn and experience varied skills right from being deeply meditative to being freely expressive, all under one roof.

Bhansali is a certified ‘Heal your Life’ workshop leader by Heart Inspired, USA, for over 6  years, and also accredited as Heal your Life Coach and Teen Playshop facilitator. She has attended sessions on Voice and Body movement, Play Back Theatre, and Theatre of Oppressed and Non violent  Communication. She has been facilitating personal sessions and various workshops  related to the mind and body.

Contact Details +91 9820390102 [email protected] geetabhansali.com

4) Attend webinars by Jessica Gandhi

Jessica Gandhi, a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, cognitive hypnotic Life Coach and  master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming is currently giving webinars on NLP, relationship management and how to deal with anxiety during Covid – 19. She is also offering free sessions as well as webinars on NLP secrets to Magical Relationships. Timings 3 to 4 pm on Zoom.

For registration, contact  +919324689861 or [email protected]