Try these Super Innovative Ways to Curb Noise Pollution |
Try these Super Innovative Ways to Curb Noise Pollution

Try these Super Innovative Ways to Curb Noise Pollution

20 Dec, 2019

Noise pollution might not be seen as something that affects health but it does! Therefore we do no take it that seriously so first let me put down all the effects of noise pollution. 

What are effects of Noise Pollution?

  • Constant exposure to loud noises can damage eardrums and loss of hearing. It also reduces sensitivity of eardrums to pick up small sounds.
  • It can affect health and shows signs of aggressive behavior, sleep disturbance, increase in stress level, fatigue
  • It can create hamper sleeping pattern (it is recommended to take sound sleep and not noise sleep)
  • It can increase blood pressure, heart beat, headache
  • It affects not only on humans but also on pets. They can behave more aggressively if exposed to loud noises for longer duration
  • Interference or disturbance in conversions and it can create misunderstanding

So one way or another, we will have to in the current environment think of innovative ways to reduce noise pollution:

Switch off electronics 

We get so used to background noise that quite often we leave the television on! Same goes with the mobile constantly ringing or beeping – so we need to create a silent zone by switching these off the minute we come home 

Sound proofing the place

While this might be a bit tedious and costly, if you know that long term there is no way out of living on a busy road, then sound proofing can be a great long term investment 

If you have noisy neighbours or noise coming from one specific area, then you can put a big bookshelf against that wall so it blocks off the noise as much as possible

Cancelling with white noise

Another easy solution can be to cancel it with white noise such as wind chimes in the house, some meditative music playing in the background – while this might seem counter to what we saying so far, it still is better than the noise that you are getting exposed to. 

Ear plugs 

Sound sleep and noise sleep has a very different effect on our body. We don’t therefore feel rested even if we sleep for 8 hours! So best way to combat that is using ear plugs! Just make sure your alarm is loud enough so you wake up on time in the morning LOL! You can also use ear plugs in noisy concerts because it wont block off the music but make it at manageable volume if it bothers you. 

Go green

Few are aware that plants are good noise absorbents. According to studies, it can reduce noise 5 to 10 decibels around them! They look pretty and also add to higher oxygen level so this one is a no brainer! 

Crowd it out

Noise pollution can increase stress levels and we need to figure daily routines to crowd it out such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercise. It instantly makes us feel calmer and relaxed. 

Silent zones

Wherever possible have silent zones – while driving (honk as less as possible), at work space (if you have a choice then mark out areas) or even an hour in the day where you will just be in silence can significantly change how we feel. 

Noise pollution is not a small issue anymore and I hope this piece brings that awareness so each of us can take steps to work towards it.


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