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Want to control overeating? Try this now

Want to control overeating? Try this now

18 Jun, 2019

Albert Einstein described insanity in one of the best ways. In his ever charming wit, he once quoted, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” When I see most people trying one fad diet after the other in order to get different results, I can only recollect this quote. Most of us, don’t get the connection between our body and mind.

Stomach- A body’s second brain

Well, let me make this one very clear- Being obese/ over-weight doesn’t guarantee that a person is healthy and likewise, a lean body need not necessarily be fitter. So kick-out these stereotypes as you begin to read this. There is simple logic as to why our body needs food.

Our constant cravings to eat a particular thing is an indication by your body that you need that nutrition. So, when you feel like having sweets (absolutely out of nowhere), say just as you wake up, it could be a way of your body telling you that you lack that blood sugar in your body. When you feel thirsty, your body is telling you that you have hit the ‘dehydration’ levels. Think of it this way, when you are worried about something, stressed over something, sad about the terrible heartbreak or simply bored to death, your mind is trying to suppress an emotion. The more you try to pacify an emotion, the more craving you’ll have.

Our bodies keep changing constantly; all its molecules need to renovate the food it gets as a result of our eating. Hunger is important to maintain balance. But when you face a negative emotion like fear or anger, your body doesn’t need nourishment. But when you binge-eat or eat due to stress, you end up losing that very connection. The emotion makes you feel a vacuum inside and you start taking it for hunger. So, “I’m always hungry,” may sound like a kick-ass line to impress your friends, but psychologically, it really means you need to keep a track of emotional eating.

Once you understand that you need to let your emotions out, you will start eating well and adequately. But if you want to understand this, you gotta do this- MEDITATE.

Meditate? Yes, that’s right

No, we ain’t trying to tell you that the day you start meditating, you will stop eating the very next day. But we are trying to give you a long-term fix. You must know that all you really need to do to lose weight or cut down on emotional eating, is to listen to your body’s navigation system. Your body will tell you what it needs and all you need to do is feed it exactly that.

When you constantly try to feed your body with what you think is important, you will find it impossible to listen to your body’s cravings. That’s why you must try meditation. Meditation is not rocket science, it’s a lifestyle to be acquired. Here’s what you must do to control your unrealistic hunger pangs (obviously, this is what meditation will enable you to do):

  1. Accept your body: Get this straight- YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. You need to worship it but firstly, accept it. Whether you wished to be ten shades fairer or two shades darker, 2-inches taller or 7 kgs lesser, you need to accept that skin you are in. Don’t question its existence and clearly, do not try to demoralize it by bringing it down to numbers. Your identity isn’t the same as those 63 kgs or 36 kgs you weigh. When you accept your body, you want to pamper it and nourish it well and not want to cut down abruptly.
  2. Don’t suppress your emotions: Write this down and repeat it 200 times! Your anger, fear, sorrow needs to come out as easily as your laughter, happiness, and love. Don’t keep your emotions inside until you feel like a rock. Never, almost ALMOST never equate mental strength with suppression of emotions. If someone tells you to stop crying because you’re a strong person, please throw them off the cliff! When you identify and address your emotions, you will rightfully start expressing them.
  3. Don’t punish yourself: Okay, let me help you understand this better. Weight-loss or weight-gain isn’t a punishment. So if your diet tells you to eliminate a food item completely, it is time to throw away that diet chart out of the window. Indian meals are well-balanced and consist of all the things that your body needs. So don’t just shun a food item completely to beat that belly-fat but just try to reduce the quantity and frequency.

Once you realize these three things, trust me you will end up losing all those binge-eating and stress-eating habits in a jiffy. Meditation not only helps you with these three things but also, aids in living in the moment. The more mindful you become, the more you live to the fullest!


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