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Weekend Wellness: 5 healthy reasons to kiss often

Weekend Wellness: 5 healthy reasons to kiss often

10 May, 2019

You are ready to leave for work. Just as you plan to leave, you follow your ritual of kissing your hubby who is sleeping in peace. The stillness of time doesn’t seem to bother you then. An added bonus could be if he reciprocates your peck but even otherwise, you feel good enough. That’s exactly what we will be discussing here about. Kissing makes you happy and all that- but did you know its extremely healthy to kiss often? We give you 5 reasons to prove this:

  1. Happy hormones: Everytime you kiss someone you love, you may have noticed a sudden bout of happiness. Always thought that was not scientific? That’s where you went wrong! Studies actually prove that kissing releases a cocktail of chemicals that ignites the pleasure centers of the brain. This mix of chemicals is a combination of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin- all of which helps in making a person happy.
  2. Reduces cavities: No, no we aren’t making this up! When you kiss, the production of saliva in your mouth increases. This excess saliva aids in washing away plaque on your teeth that is responsible for cavities.
  3. Reduces blood pressure: Wondered why, a quick kiss, while a person is super angry, calms the person immediately? That’s because kissing passionately alleviates your blood pressure. Apart from just that, kissing dilates your blood vessels.
  4. Promotes intimacy: Ever wondered why a super hot kiss might be the beginning of a make-out session? That’s simply because the influx of chemicals in your brain also promotes the release of testosterone, the hormone responsible for sex drive in men and women. Need we elaborate on the positives of having sex?
  5. Wipes out menstrual cramps and headaches: Women, take note! Days leading to periods could bring in painful cramps and headaches. But worry not! Just go the kissing way. Kissing aids in eliminating the pain you undergo such duress.

So the next time you meet your partner, kiss often, smile more!

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