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Wellness Trends We’ll Be Seeing In 2019

Wellness Trends We’ll Be Seeing In 2019

11 Jan, 2019

These trends in overall wellbeing are going to be so hot-hot-hot in 2019
Now that ‘being bored’ has become an aspirational trait, wellness is poised to get us out of our “overachieving” mode into a more “laid-back” approach to life. It’s time to move towards minimalism in our digital diet and to bring nature back into our lives.

This theme will colour every wellbeing practice in 2019 and here’s how we expect it to be played out:

1. Intermittent fasting

From eating every two hours we’ve transitioned into eating just two meals a day. Intermittent fasting wins it for the 16:8 (16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours in which one can eat balanced meals). With results such as diabetes-reversal and safe loss of weight, Intermittent fasting is set to be the way we will be eating next year.

2. Eco-keto food

Keto diets based on animal foods is so on its way out. Plant based proteins are the way to go and it even has a name: eco-keto diet. Wellness includes the wellbeing of the Earth as one of the most important goals as is getting food without harming either the animals or the environment.

3. Crystal-infused water

Water, right? But plain water has taken a back seat to crystal activated water. Infusing your daily drink with the energy of crystals will act as an attractor to its properties.

4. Destressing with meditation

Meditation is mainstream now but it will not encompass only stillness as the form of meditation. Walking, dancing, singing, drawing & colouring are some of the many ways meditation can be practised.

5. Pranic Healing

The “no-touch” system of Pranic Healing has catapulted this therapy to the top of the “must-try-it-out-once” list. It works through the use of “prana” for the rejuvenation and balancing of cells. Numerous success stories have added to its appeal.

6. Wellness Vacays

Seeking wellness experiences is going to be the clarion call for 2019. Travel destinations that nurture with essential oils, natural scrubs, edible massage packs will be more popular. Spa plus sightseeing is the new travel equation.

7. Breathe in a better air quality

Not just in Delhi, but all over the world, the quality of air has turned foul. People have begun agitating for better environmental policies that will keep the pollution levels low. But till these are implemented, practising pranayams will safeguard the lungs against the polluted air. This is going to be even more important as people move out of gyms and into natural surroundings to do their work


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