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What is hot yoga?

What is hot yoga?

24 Jun, 2019

When you look at Kareena Kapoor Khan, you are sure to feel all jittery about her super hot figure. She is a combination of natural beauty with unmistakable fitness. From being a super-busy mom to highly revered actress, Bebo does it all, and how! Blame it on her fitness for her active self. The actor does a mix of hot yoga as well as power yoga, not to forget those 50 Surya Namaskars that she reportedly does each day! Want to know what hot yoga is? Here you go.

Hot Yoga

One of the most popular forms of yoga, hot yoga is highly practiced in the west and is slowly gaining popularity in India too. For those who practice Bikram Yoga, hot yoga is a household name. It is a style of yoga that consists of 26 specific poses for 90 minutes in a heated room to about 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

Hot yoga is associated with many benefits like flexibility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, blood circulation, detoxification, and stress reduction.

Why hot yoga?

Hot yoga, just as the name suggests, requires you to perform it under artificial heat and induced humidity. This helps in the elimination of toxins through activation of the lymphatic system that increases blood circulation, enhances the metabolic processes and glands. Here are the benefits of hot yoga:

  1.  Increased heart rate
  2. Aids weight loss
  3. Enhanced immune system
  4. Promotes relaxation
  5. Helps in being focussed
  6. Improves breathing
  7. Better blood circulation
  8. Improves metabolic processes
  9. Eliminates toxins
  10. Promotes better skin

Mindfulness is a very important pillar of hot yoga. In fact, this form of yoga helps in making one more focussed. All in all, you should really follow it for a good and healthy body. Any form of yoga has its set of benefits, however, it is best to start it under expert supervision.

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