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Why we say less is more?

Why we say less is more?

9 Dec, 2019

If I do more, I will get more results with everything! That is what we have learned or felt and therefore we will do multiple treatments, loads of workouts, every possible healing method to move forward and sometimes it exhausts us and sometimes it confuses us! 

This is probably how everyone starts this process until they unlearn to know better. Yes, less is more and I have seen that in all aspects of my life get results and clarity. 

  1. Workout: The number 1 area- we think the more I do, the more results I will get! We do not take breaks, we cut out all nutrients AND we do not see the results we want! I have learned this only NOW with how lean and strong I feel – LESS IS MORE. It is about intensity, resistance and repetition to get toning and muscle building! Yes this might come as a surprise but this is what happens – when we break down muscle tissue in the gym, our muscles actually get bigger and stronger! When we battle against resistance beyond the muscles’ current capacity, we pose a potential threat to the musculature. So in order to adapt to this, the muscle will hypertrophy (increase in size) as a way to protect against this threat. So, as we systematically increase resistance, the body will adapt and increase muscle. So the key is to rain with 100% intensity and then slowly increase the workload in the form of resistance and repetition (NOT VOLUME), and if we are performing at true 100% intensity, there is no way we can sustain it with volume (which is working out 7 days a week). So for best results, I believe resistance training 3 times a week is ideal along with proper rest days and the right nutrition. Other days walks are perfect for healing. 
  2. Self-healing: When we going through stuff or have gone through stuff, we want to do everything possible to get out of it. However in my experience, pick one healing practice and give it 100% and use the rest of the time feeling good, feeling nature, feeling emotions. Less is more as it is powerful to feel the impact of the healing practice. 
  3. Natural glow: Again here the obsession with trying to get the best glow, we take several treatments and use various methods! However, it is all inside of us and all it is asking for is powerful superfoods – even a handful can make a massive difference as the size is deceptive! For example chia seeds or Indian herbs (I sell my own blends of these!) or superfoods like spirulina and chlorella! It is all from the inside and less is more.

‘Less is more’ can be a lifestyle choice across all spectrums – one that can give clarity and space. It is worth a try if it works for you – otherwise, you can always go back to the tried and tested.

Nipa Asharam is a Thriive-verified, certified health and life coach. Keen to follow a holistic lifestyle that gives your skin a natural glow without stress and tons of maintenance? You can now learn and apply the easy-to-follow secrets to getting a Natural Glow in the comfort of your home.

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