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Why not having sex may be unhealthy for you?

Why not having sex may be unhealthy for you?

2 Jun, 2019

Not having sex isn’t going to kill you or isn’t going to cause you some major health hazard physiologically. Honestly, it can affect your mental state in a great way. A lot of couples go through dry spells for various reasons. Whatever is the reason, sex is healthy for you but not having sex can be a major threat to your psychological health. (PS: This isn’t to say you must go around having sex every night, nor is it to say that having sex is going to cure your ailments).

Sex is a biological need and yes, treat it like one. Don’t force it or avert it completely. Let the body and mind tell you how and when is the right time to have sex!

Well, if you think that this is going to be some guide to sex, you’ll be disappointed because it’s not that. We attempt to answer what happens to your body when you don’t have sex (at all):

  • Menstruation: Fun fact- Women love to have sex! Surprise! It helps their body cope with menstrual cramps too. Scientifically speaking, the increase in endorphins caused by sex and the uterine contractions that occur during an orgasm can help alleviate cramps. If sex with a partner isn’t possible, girl, you can reap these benefits with masturbation too.
  • Libido: Well now, it’s this simple- the more sex you have, the more you want to have it. Therefore, abstinence is going to make you want it less. That says that the lesser sex or no sex you have, the lesser will you ever want it- causing problems in arousal. This could mean troubles of lubrication too.
  • Erectile dysfunction: A couple of studies have found that not having sex for a longer period could cause erectile dysfunction in men. Well, we aren’t saying it could happen to every man who has abstained from sex forever but simply saying that this is a possibility
  • Blood pressure: No, we didn’t cook this up! A 2006 study, published in the medical journal Biological Psychology revealed that people who indulged in sex regularly had lower spikes of blood pressure than otherwise. In other words, sex can help you in managing your high blood pressure- literally, what more can any pleasure offer you!
  • Work performance: As I said at the start of the blog, there is no way to prove that dry spells will crack your bones or kill you. But straight up, they can have their vises too. Your abstinence could have two parts- one, where your body aches for it but you can’t have it and two, you have lost the libido to even get off your couch. Either of this is going to get you frustrated and dissatisfied. Studies have found that this dissatisfaction can lead to a dip in your work performance too!


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