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Why not try a guided walk for a better you?

Why not try a guided walk for a better you?

25 Jul, 2019

Ever wondered why most romantic movies or Bollywood movies generally show people walking to set their goals right? Yes, maybe that one teeny-weeny scene from Piku where Deepika Padukone walks out of the meeting, takes an off and goes to a mall- literally taking our heart away. Or the part in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, where Imran Khan and Manjari Phadnis go for these walks where she points at inanimate objects and metaphorically describes them. Why do walks always feel like this go-to venting machine where you can literally achieve peace and independence by doing it?

Seems like we have an answer!

Walk your way to wellness

No, I’m not telling you why walks are healthy (we all know that!), but simply that why do we emphasize that a 30-minute walk a day is way beyond healthy for you. Science says that walking everyday has tons and tons of benefits like:

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Enhanced mental health.
  3. Boosted mood.
  4. Better creativity.
  5. Holistic health.

But these aren’t all. We believe you should opt for a guided walk simply because you deserve to ace in your health department.

Your guide to walking the right way

This may sound like a complete revelation but walking right can almost be a task to most people. But here are things you must focus on, as you begin with your guided walks (first wear those walking shoes please!):

  1. Calm down: One of the toughest things to do in reality is to calm yourself down when you know that there are about a hundred things that are going wrong around you. Suddenly as you begin your walk today, you might recollect about that terrible argument you had with your buddy, or that line in the presentation that needs to be tweaked, oh, is it time for me to wake my children already? Wait, did I put off the gas properly? Just, CALM DOWN. No, don’t force yourself to do that but just go with the flow and soon, you’ll see yourself miraculously calming down.
  2. Let your emotions flow: Naturally, when you are all by yourself- walking, you might feel your emotions more deeply. You may or may not, think about the events you despise or the ones you thoroughly enjoyed. Feel it all closely. Observe the pattern of your thoughts. Try to absorb it all in- while not forgetting to let go!
  3. Breathe: I can’t stop stressing on this. Breathing well is your absolute key to wellness. When you walk, make sure you consciously breathe well. Inhale and exhale completely.
  4. Connect with yourself: Oh, this is an absolute favourite exercise. Just walk and de-clutter your head. But don’t forget to connect with your body. Look at your natural pace, what you like or loathe… oh wait, that back pain seems to have vanished completely.
  5. Observe your surroundings: In the hurly-burly of our daily lives, we often miss the simple things in life. That’s why you must wait and observe nature. Nature is the best healer. So, just look around, observe the little things that you missed all this while and just let that happy feeling pour all over you!

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