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Why walking must be your go-to exercise?

Why walking must be your go-to exercise?

30 May, 2019

There is no denying that a fitness routine keeps you healthy, active and happier! Perhaps, we all know that when you indulge in any kind of physical activity, you tend to be happier and healthier. But here’s the glitch most of us face- TIME- CONSTRAINT.

 Maintaining a routine is a difficult task in the age of hectic schedules and tight timelines. So what do we do? We suggest you take a walk! (No, we aren’t kidding!)

Why walking is a great idea

Not only is it free and doesn’t require any equipment but also, it rejuvenates you mentally and soulfully. Walking for about 30-minutes every day can improve physical health, mental health and relieve stress.

How to make walking fun?

You can club it with various things that relax your body and mind.

You can try the following to make walking a routine:

  1. Listen to music: A little music never hurts! Just play your favorite track and keep moving. It gives you time to think and also lightens your mood.
  2. Walk with a friend: Walking with a friend makes you happier and kick starts a day for good.
  3. Use a Fit-bit: Keep a daily track of your activity and steps that you walked and hence, making it an interesting activity!
    PS: A 10,000 steps mark per day is considered to affect your body in order to lose weight. 
  4. Little walks while working: You can also walk around in the office or home while working or taking a call, discussing something. It will keep you active and cut the monotony of sitting in one place for the whole day.
  5. Take stairs: Whenever you can, try to take the stairs.
  6. Walk to the store: Walk to the nearby locations instead of taking a car/ bike.

A few Health benefits of walking

  • The risk of heart disease and strokes is decreased due to cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lungs) activity
  • High-blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are controlled better as it  improves your blood circulation and oxygen intake
  • Strengthens your bones and amps up your immunity
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Burns fat
  • Improves your stamina

Walking is often considered more of a recreation than a sport and not classified as “real exercise”. But it is also often forgotten that health is not measured only by the amount of sweat we shed.

If a fitness regime works on your muscles, stamina and endurance, it is as good as working out in any other form. Walking can get your heart pumping and muscle strengthening which is the desired result of any workout.  

You can choose the intensity of walking according to your health and body aesthetics. Due to its easy approach and less effort required, walking is highly recommended by physicians for even elderly people or people with joint problems.

You can start with a 15-minute walk and with time you will notice that your stamina allows you to cover more in lesser time. A brisk walk is very effective, too for those trying to lose weight or maintain.

Things to remember

  • Walking is a part of our life. Maintain consistency and walk for 30-minute at least 5 days a week to maintain overall health.
  • Always make sure you walk as much as you can even while you are working, for example, while taking a call.
  • It can get mundane at times so don’t hesitate to ask somebody to walk with you and share the fun.
  • Be patient! It might take some time, but you will notice a difference in your lifestyle once you make walking a habit.

 Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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