Workout Like The Stars To Get Out Of Your Stagnant Fitness Routine: |
Workout Like The Stars To Get Out Of Your Stagnant Fitness Routine:

Workout Like The Stars To Get Out Of Your Stagnant Fitness Routine:

30 Apr, 2019

You have a fitness routine you follow religiously. And it’s great. The inches are reducing while your energy levels are rising. Your diet plan is showing results. You follow it with as dedication as you do your fitness plan. Okay, sometimes you do give in and binge. But that’s only occasionally. You feel you are doing everything right. But then one day you find that nothing is changing. You are stuck in a rut! But, what does that even mean? How does it happen and more important, how do you get out of it?

Let’s find out!


When your workout feels stagnant and nothing you do seems to be making a difference, then every day seems a burden to go through; every exercise routine seems like a never-ending torture.

* Everyday is like yesterday: At first you might not notice. Hey, I don’t even remember sometimes what I had for breakfast! Day in and day out you feel like you are doing the same thing- the same planks or the same burpees or following the same route while running! Relatable?

* You feel like a zombie going about your routine: the fitness instructor has to scream twice to get your attention [yeah, yeah I know; has happened with me a lot! You just can’t wait for the exercise hour to get over so you can shower and have some coffee/tea and go to work!

* There’s zero motivation: you have tried all kinds of diets but your weight has plateaued! You just can’t seem to be losing a single gram of weight. If you look at that juicy burger you feel its fat sticking onto your hips

Well, there are ways to get out of the stagnation!

Visualisation is one of the ways that works wonders. Professional athletes adopt this technique to give an added edge to their performance. This method involves seeing the desired result in your mind before it actually takes place. This technique can be used in all walks of life. So, you too can break through your “mind-plateau” to achieve your fitness goals.

Go a step further and visualize yourself performing the same fitness routine certain celebs follow. Also, throw in a visual of you having reached your desired targets. This will not only add more interest to your own workouts but you might also see the results much faster than you might have imagined.

We have our eyes (and minds) on these celebs’ routines:


This gorgeous beauty, in her 40s and looking younger by the day, has evolved as a fitness guru from being a mainstream Bollywood actor. She is a huge advocate of healthy living: she not only practices power yoga but also maintains healthy eating habits. These include eating atleast 3 meals a day of which the last one is eaten before 8pm.

Bring a fresh note into your yoga practice with Shilpa Shetty’s ‘Quick Fix Yoga’ – a 15-minute full body workout.


This naturally glamorous beauty has made a name in Bollywood! From fashion to fitness to balanced diets, she follows it all! Power Yoga, cycling, weights, a nourishing, vegetarian diet which also has limited doses of ghee are the open secrets to her svelte figure!  You too can add Power yoga to your routines as a sure way to lose weight faster than regular yoga! It focuses more on building strength than flexibility and the poses are changed quickly!


Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore this diva and founder of KKW beauty and star of the Keeping up with the Kardashians show! She does weightlifts including a couple of hours of super intense body building workouts. Her focus being on training her butt, she has favorite weighted hip thrust exercises to workout her hamstrings and glutes! Well, all of us can’t afford a personal trainer but we can surely emulate her dedication to her fitness routine (she’s known to wake up at 5am to fit it into her hectic lifestyle) and some of her fitness moves.


It is no Hollywood secret that this gorgeousness has sported ribbed abs since many years! How does she maintain them? Well, Jennifer Lopez works out first thing in the morning so as not to skip it. Also, she’s a big fan of HIIT workouts which include planks, stability ball, abs workouts, weight training and her favorite platypus walk for toning her butt! HIIT (high intensity interval training) is best for revving up your metabolism. This is because it’s bursts of energy help to burn belly fat by pushing our body to its limit! Give a JLo boost to your workout with HIIT or a platypus walk!


The Duchess of Cambridge follows a healthy lifestyle and that plays a big role in helping her manage her responsibilities as a royal and a mom of three! Her diet mantra is: more protein, less unhealthy carbs. She works out with her fitness enthusiast sister Pippa and loves planks as well as swimming, tennis, skiing and other sporty activities! She is a huge fan of HIIT and loves to do indoor rowing after her cardio warmup! But with such a hectic lifestyle guess which fitness practice perks her up and keeps her fit? Yes, it’s yoga. This ancient wellness routine helped her not just to destress but also played a big role in helping her get fit after she had her babies.

It’s not easy to come out of an exercise rut or any rut for that matter but sometimes when we visualize or use some well-known people as role models we can be motivated to overcome these hurdles! Fall in love with your fitness routine and say adieu to that rut!!

Pro-tip: Stress is a known factor for adding on the pounds. The best stress-busting tool we know is meditation. Add it to your visualization and you will have equipped yourself with the tool that will always keep you on your toes – active, energetic and at your ideal weight.

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