World Laughter Day 2019: 5 surprising benefits of laughter |
World Laughter Day 2019: 5 surprising benefits of laughter

World Laughter Day 2019: 5 surprising benefits of laughter

6 May, 2019

Have you ever wondered why we always have adjectives that talk about people’s laughter? Like a laughing lad, a smiling beauty and good guffaw, etc? If there is anything that might appeal to you or refresh you after a hard day’s work, it is a hearty laugh. A jolly stranger, a laughing old neighbour, laughing group of kids or just the laughter of those co-passengers gossiping their way in a local train can make your day. That’s because anyone who laughs their heart out is appealing, almost immediately.

Why is it that we say laughter is the best medicine?

A quick search on the internet giant will tell you the very many positives of laughter. Yesterday was celebrated as the World Laughter Day and it came into being for a good reason. A burst of hearty laughter makes you feel at ease with yourself and love yourself a little more than otherwise. However, it has tons and tons of benefits, here’s why we can’t agree less:

  1. Reduces blood pressure: A lot of studies prove that when you laugh, automatically your blood pressure comes down. This is to do with the fact that blood pressure is a direct result of increasing stress. When you laugh, perhaps your stress levels come down. In fact, stress can cause a host of ailments too.
  2. Boosts immunity: Immunity is your weapon to fight against diseases. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases your immune cells. Moreover, it improves your resistance to diseases by boosting infection-fighting antibodies.
  3. Natural anti-depressant: While it is true that almost nobody would recommend laughter as a treatment for depression, a hearty laugh is your instrument to maintain a promising mood. A laugh thus ameliorates depressed moods. Those suffering from chronic depression or poor sleep are recommended to undergo a laughter therapy.
  4. Helps in sleeping better: There could be about a hundred reasons that contribute to your lack of sleep. However, each of those stems from stress. When you are stressed for long periods of time, your muscles are in a constant state of tension. According to the American Psychological Association, this means that when you are stressed, your muscles are in constant tension that may worsen with time. Long- term tension also puts the rest of your body in severe strain disrupting the functions of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This axis is responsible for the hormones that are responsible for appetite, sexual reproduction, and body temperature regulation.
  5. Burns calories: Just as if we thought these were the only reasons for us to laugh each day, we came across this study that can totally be your Monday Motivation to laugh your head off each day. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2014, those subjects who laughed often lost weight more quickly as compared to those who didn’t laugh at all. The study also implied that laughing has a direct connection with losing weight.


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