World Mental Health Day: Shoo Away That Social Media Anxiety |
World Mental Health Day: Shoo Away That Social Media Anxiety

World Mental Health Day: Shoo Away That Social Media Anxiety

10 Oct, 2019

What is the first thing you do on waking up each morning? Instagram? Facebook? Whatsapp? Well, no gifts for guessing this right! This is because social media is increasingly becoming our lifeline. Everything and anything that we need is available on our smartphones. Sharing our moments as a means of photographs, for example, has become an obsessive need.

Your choice of clicking those almost perfect selfies aren’t really a problem. But that constant fixation of checking the number of likes, engagements can really be harmful. One of the ugly realities, however, is ‘social media anxiety disorder’. What does it mean?

Social Media Anxiety Disorder: The Ugly Leitmotif We Face

A relatively newer term is “social media anxiety disorder,” which is a high level of distress one faces on how someone is judged by others on social media. To speak in simpler terms, it is the anxiety created due to the excessive presence of social media.

So what to experts have to say?

Up until a few years back, we questioned the use of social media; however, in today’s age, this platform has penetrated so deeply within varied demographics that we question life without it. With India being the cheapest data provider in the world, undoubtedly much of this rapid increase comes from wider and cheaper availability of data along with a massive boost in the smartphone industry, say experts. 

“While social media provides an equal platform for all to be heard, it’s crucial to notice its side-effects that have been hidden under the carpet for far too long,” says Krish Ramnani, Co-founder and Director of Technology & Innovation, Togglehead.  “According to a report coverage by Social Media Today, an individual spends an average of 2 hours 23 minutes on social media globally. Spending the majority of your day on virtual platforms, detached from the real world gives rise to a host of mental disorders collectively known as Social Media Anxiety. The attitude of ‘Compare & Despair’ and terms like ‘FOMO’ aren’t just the Gen Z buzzwords but are the root causes of social media addiction,” he added.

So what’s the way out?
Noticing the need for a measure to combat the same, while Facebook announced a couple of features in their pipeline, our expertise in the digital industry comes with certain responsibilities. “As social media marketers, we must act as our own gatekeepers; every piece of content should abide by ethics both, legal and humanitarian. The idea is to project a mirror and not a glorified image for all our brands and across all our endeavours,” he added.

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