Yoga for kids: Top 5 reasons why kids must practice it |
Yoga for kids: Top 5 reasons why kids must practice it

Yoga for kids: Top 5 reasons why kids must practice it

19 Apr, 2019

You surely have heard about how yoga is extremely beneficial for your health. But did you know yoga for kids can be quite beneficial too? Here’s how…

Yoga and kids

Inherently, humans are said to be good acrobats. As kids have more flexibility, their movements aren’t restricted. If you closely observe your toddler, he is already loving the downward- dog pose or the cobra posture. This is simply because they are born with this skill. This is one of the reasons kids as young as 5 can do  yoga.

Here are 5 benefits of yoga for kids:

  • Confidence building: One of the most life-changing positive of learning yoga is boosting confidence. Likewise, learning yoga can be quite useful for kids in terms of perking up their confidence. Confidence building done now will help them build up a strong personality and this will benefit them well in the future.
  • Concentration: We all know that yoga as well as meditation improves one’s concentration. Encouraging your child to practice yoga can help them enhance their focus.
  • Fights stress: Yoga works to release mental and physical stress. It also helps in overcoming negative emotions like fear, anger, and envy.
  • Obsessions: One of the biggest complains that parents have about their growing children is their obsession with gadgets or social media. Overcoming this addiction has become a very important need today. Practicing yoga can help them in overcoming this obsession.
  • Boosts mental wellness: Mental health is a priority. They say anything that costs you your mental peace is too costly, and that is absolutely true. Most of us accumulate a lot of tension and stress over a period of time. A lot of studies state that the most of this accumulation happens during our childhood. Childhood memories go a long way in terms of shaping our mindset. And so, if you boost mental wellness for your child in the beginning, it will help them in many ways as they grow up.

Pro-tip: There are many yoga classes available for your kids. Try to inculcate an interest in your child for yoga, rather than shoving it on them. You could set up an example by practicing yoga yourself.


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