Your workout goals need to be tweaked for the summer season |
Your workout goals need to be tweaked for the summer season

Your workout goals need to be tweaked for the summer season

24 May, 2019

‘Unawareness’ of micro-signs from my body didn’t make me differentiate one season from another. To be honest, I didn’t even see  any co-relation with the seasons and my body! I worked out the same way through all seasons, oblivious of the reason why some of it agitated me so quickly. Was something wrong with my workout – well, no! I was just not matching the right columns – that is the right workout with the right season!

Workout by season

Summer is here in full swing and I am beginning to get the same agitated feeling.

Yes, it’s time to tweak my workouts to adapt to the sharp, hot, penetrating and scorching weather.

Summer by default makes us use a lot more energy than we usually do. Think about it! We have the same working hours and responsibilities as we do rest of the year but the depletion of energy is at a much faster pace!

So what are the changes we can make? Definitely, eating routines is one. As is working out and exercising. But since we are bio-individuals, we should design them based on what works for us. However, we can keep these broad areas in mind:

  1. Lightening up!
    Well, some of us have a higher threshold for heat and others have a much lowered one. But, all of us do need to lighten our workout in the hot season. One way to do that is by choosing a workout that is easier or  where the fun quotient is higher. You can choose from easy yoga asanas or fun stuff like swimming and dancing. If you are into competitive sports or workouts (such as Crossfit), dial down the “competitiveness” a bit. This is because that brings out ‘aggression’ which is an emotion that clashes with the hot weather.
  2. Listen to your body!
    Some days in the summer I would feel perfectly okay pushing my body and some days it would make me feel so low. There can be multiple reasons. Also, a little rise in temperature can make us feel differently. Listen to your body. Ask questions: How is it feeling? When to go all out? When to stop? Your body will give you cues and try not to ignore it. The only way to decide if you need to tweak your workout is by listening to your body.
  3. Let go of the goal-oriented approach!
    Reaching a goal is about pushing our body to achieve a certain objective. We need to let it go a bit. Taking an energy-oriented approach works better instead. This might mean we workout to 50% of our capacity and bring in more mobility through other ways. This could include standing, working or moving around more in the office or at home so that the amount of movement doesn’t get compromised.
  4. Exercise at the right time!
    I love my morning workout. It includes going up and down steps along with some squats in the sun. Now, in the summer, some days this gives me a headache and some days I am perfectly fine. One way to do this is to check the temperature for the day and gauge your body’s tolerance levels. Do some workouts in the evening and some perhaps earlier in the morning. Let it not adversely impact your gut health.

I love the summer. I love the sun. I’m sure you do too. Instead of cribbing about it, tweak your body and workout around it and get the full enjoyment of the season.

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