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Free Mental Health Counseling For Covid Related Anxiety & Depression

Why Do I need online therapy for covid related trauma ?

We are just not fighting a global pandemic, we are also face-to-face with a silent killer- mental health issues. Close to 50% of the world population is grappling with mental health due to after effects of the Pandemic. Covid Counseling with Thriive is a FREE 20-minute session, with verified and trained mental health counselors. It is an initiative where we are offering FREE counseling to anyone and everyone affected by the Covid pandemic in India.

Who can avail free online therapy ?

Please be mindful that this is a free counseling service meant for those who need help with their mental health problems. Misusing the service will mean depriving someone who actually needs it. Click here to share our therapy services - help us reach more and more people.

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Disclaimer: This is not a medical service for the treatment of COVID +ve patients. This is solely to improve mental health care.



You can connect with India’s best Meditation Coach, Stress Coach, and Mental Health experts from our extensive database of verified experts. You can check the ratings and reviews before contacting them. Starting a session with your choice of expert is just a matter of clicks. Sign up with Thriive, select your preferred therapist, buy your preferred consultation plan, and start your session. That's it! Our experts can counsel you on understanding causes of anxiety, types of depression, benefits of meditation, and the whole gamut of mental health concerns.
All the calls and interactions between our users and experts are SSL encrypted and certified. Even our experts are bound by Thriive to ensure the safety and privacy of your details and personal information.
More and more people are opting for meditation at home, given its multiple benefits. For meditating, you need to be in a relaxed place, and what better place than your home. Meditation at home allows you to meditate at your time, in your space. Online guided meditations are an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of meditation.
If you are just a beginner, you might find it a little intimidating to step out of your comfort and go for a meditation class. In such a case, online meditation at home can come to your rescue! It gives you the freedom of being in your comfortable space, meditate at the time you feel comfortable, and one-to-one guided meditations can help you relax and find your focus.
Thriive connects you with mental health experts that have been meticulously verified. Our online experts are some of the best mental health coaches in India, and equipped at offering best-in-industry consultations online. When it comes to depression, or other mental health issues, our experts help by sharing tips on how to fight depression and providing case-based counselling.
Thriive has an extensive database of verified and highly trained stress coach and mental health professionals. Through our seamless online consultation, you can connect with the best-in-industry experts on how to control anxiety, tips on reducing anxiety, and more.
When you look only for depression therapists near you, you limit your search to few experts. Compared to this, when you look at online consultation for depression, you have the freedom to choose from a wide database of handpicked experts and select an expert you think is best for your consultation. With Thriive, you have access to verified and highly-trained experts who provide excellent consultation, and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their patients.

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