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Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy uses a deep, self-induced, relaxed hypnosis technique to tap into memories of past lives stored in the subconscious. Many mental or emotional issues can stem from traumatic past life events. With PLR, you can tap into, and heal a lot of mental and emotional health issues. "Relive to relieve"

Relationship Issues

Family Issues

Lack of Confidence



Clinical Depression

Emotional Fatigue

Childhood trauma

Sexual Issue


Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction


Sex Problems

Sexual Arousal Disorder

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The soul is energy, and documents life experiences, that don’t die when the body does. Once the soul is released from the physical body, it rises to the higher dimension, carrying with it all the experiences of all the previous life times. When the soul reincarnates, it is born with all the wisdom and secrets of the past life, but they are not active memories. Past Life Regression therapy taps into this wisdom and knowledge to help with current issues.
Thriive has only the best and certified Past Life Regression Therapists that are verified by our in-house team. We take into account factors such as their training, certificates, years of experience, and expertise, so that we give our users a database of the top experts. Moreover, you can refer testimonials and ratings of our experts before making your decision.
An online Past Life Regression Therapy gives you the flexibility of consulting from the comfort of your home. Online consultation is effective, as well as time and cost efficient. During the online consultation, the therapist can take you through the process of Past Life Regression, and help you get your answers.

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