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Thriive has only the best and certified yoga teachers that are verified by our in-house team. We take into account factors such as their training, certificates, years of experience, and expertise, so that we give our users a database of the top experts. Moreover, you can refer testimonials and ratings of our experts before making your decision.
An online yoga class gives you the flexibility of learning yoga and yoga asanas from the comfort of your home. They are easy to follow since you have a dedicated yoga teacher to correct your postures, teach you about asanas, and help you master the art of yoga. Online yoga classes are especially beneficial now, since we need to practice social distancing.
The first step is to connect with a good yoga teacher who understands the needs and challenges of beginners. Thriive has the best yoga trainers who are adept at teaching beginners. For a beginner, a personal yoga teacher is ideal, as they can help them understand the basics first, and build from there. From right posture, to correct asanas that can benefit you, to helping you clear your doubts, a yoga instructor will be helpful for beginners.
Yoga is an excellent way for reducing weight, with no side effects. There are many asanas like virbhadrasana and chatubhurgasana that are excellent ways of reducing weight. A good yoga teacher can help you understand the correct yoga asanas for you that will help you lose weight. You can connect with a verified yoga teacher on Thriive and start taking online yoga classes.
A lot of us face issues such as back pain, given our sedentary lifestyle. Yoga is a great way to treat back pain. Yoga asanas such as Trikonasana and Pachimotasana are effective towards treating back pain. A personal yoga trainer can help you master these asanas and correct your posture, to help you get rid of back pain.
The best way to help your child learn yoga is to enroll them for an online yoga class, where they can benefit from having a personal yoga teacher. With a good online yoga class, your child can understand the basics of yoga, learn the correct postures, and the correct way of practicing yoga. Practicing yoga helps children with concentration, focus, and helps them be flexible and fit.
Yoga videos, especially during the lockdown, has become quite popular. More and more people are turning towards yoga to stay fit and work on their immunity. The difference between watching a yoga video, and attending an online yoga class is that of personal attention. Yoga, by nature, is a form of physical activity that involves twisting and stretching the body. If not done correctly, it can lead to injury. Thus, it is always better to have a personal teacher who can correct your form, help you have the correct posture and teach you the correct steps. That is not possible with videos.

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