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What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is when a certified mental health counselor, trained in various psychological methods, helps solve your issues through a combination of tools and therapy via the internet. They create a safe, non-judgemental space to help you identify, accept, and resolve mental conflict and emotional distress.

What Are the Benefits of Online Counseling?

What Is the Difference Between Counseling and Psychotherapy

While there are many similarities between the two, mental counseling and psychotherapy have a few key differences.

Traditional therapy deals mostly with chronic physical and mental issues, often resulting from past events. Here, the expert tries to find and heal the root cause.

Counseling is when two people (the counselor and patient) work together to solve a specific problem using a combination of techniques. These issues usually are, but not limited to:

What Are the Different Types of Mental Counseling?

Individual Counseling

is for resolving internal emotional, and mental issues. This includes Anger Management, Family Problems, Demotivation, Phobias, Addiction, Depression & Anxiety Treatment, and Emotional Fatigue.

Teen Counseling:

Teenage years are a confusing and vulnerable phase. Teenagers are navigating several new issues, most of which are emotionally and mentally draining.
Career Issues, Lack of Confidence, Demotivation, Lack of Clarity, Clinical Depression, Emotional Fatigue, and Childhood Trauma are a few issues that Teen Counseling can help with.

Relationship Counseling

helps couples develop a healthy attitude and the required skills for fostering a healthy relationship. It addresses issues such as mental and emotional incompatibility, helps couples understand what and how much they should invest in a relationship, and how to take care of themselves as a part of that unit.

Family Counseling or Family Therapy

is for dysfunctional families looking for ways to create better co-existence. During a family counseling session, the online therapist either works with the family or with individuals to identify and address personal issues. Family counseling helps all members of the family work on their confidence and well-being and understand how to be a healthy unit of a family.

Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy

is meant for couples either getting married or already married. It allows the pair to understand what they should expect from their marriage and how they can create a healthy companionship.
Marriage Counseling is also recommended for couples dealing with cheating, intimacy and compatibility issues, communication problems, and other issues affecting their married life.

Sex Therapy or Sex Counseling

is for all kinds of intimacy and sexuality issues. It is meant for couples or individuals facing sexual problems such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and confidence issues. It is also meant for individuals who are struggling to understand or accept their sexuality.

Depression Counseling -

Depression is a serious mood disorder that requires timely psychiatric counseling to help a person get over it and learn to live a healthy life. However, depression is treatable, wherein the counselor helps in identifying the triggers and teaches coping mechanisms.

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This varies from counsellor to counsellor.
It's relatively common for therapists to offer a free first session. However, since consultations are a service, most experts do charge a fee.
On Thriive, an instant consultation on call or via chat starts at Rs. 499 for 20 minutes. A more in-depth appointment with top experts usually ranges from Rs. 1,000 to 3,000 for 35-40 minutes.
Yes, online consultations provide a wide range of mental health benefits. Not only are these sessions conducted from the safety of one's home, but they also ensure individuals are more at ease.
Thriive's online experts are some of India's top mental health coaches and are equipped to offer the best-in-industry consultations. When it comes to depression and other mental health issues, our professionals share tips and exercises to combat these problems while providing case-based counselling online.
This depends on personal preference.
However, with increasing internet users, it's safe to say that online therapy is slowly becoming the preferred choice.
Several studies have highlighted the effectiveness and personal nature of online consultations in treating various mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.
Online therapy is exceptionally effective.
Studies have shown that digital consultations help patients who feel uncomfortable in clinical or unfamiliar settings to keep calm, thus allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings.
Additionally, as technology improves, online consultations are becoming a more popular and accessible choice for all.
Thriive Art & Soul, India’s leading digital wellness platform, verifies and lists top therapists from across the country. Users have the freedom to browse through a vast database of handpicked experts and select one according to their personal preference.

Please Note: Our highly-trained experts have pledged to keep information about their patients private and confidential.

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