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3 Best Yoga Poses For Neck Pain Relief

3 Best Yoga Poses For Neck Pain Relief

7 May, 2019

Have you ever felt that excruciating pain in your neck? It could be due to your incorrect posture, desk work in the office or even due to that constant texting that you do while you travel in a super crowded local train.
Whatever be the reason for your pain, there ought to be a solution, right? Here’s your answer to that painful woe.

3 yoga poses to relieve you from that neck pain

Suffering from neck pain or back pain has become quite rampant these days. People across age groups experience this suffering. These 3 easy yogic poses could relieve you from that suffering:

1) Savasana (Corpse Pose): This is one of the easiest and the most relaxing poses that one must try. All you have to do is lie down on your back and let your body loose. Let the stillness sink in you. The pose is one of the most revered for anxiety and stress relief.

2) Viparita Karani (Legs against the wall pose): The word ‘Viprita’ in Sanskrit means inverted or opposite. Just like the name translates, ‘Viprita Karani’ is a pose where you place your legs right on the wall while resting your upper back on the floor. Once you get into the pose, stretch your arms out. Slowly but gradually focus on your breathing pattern. Inhale and exhale with care. Stay on the position for 5 minutes and then get back to lying down on the corpse pose.
This position helps in calming your body while aiding in good blood circulation.

3) Cat-cow pose: Apart from being an excellent asana for your core functioning and spine, this pose is extremely beneficial for your neck. To get into these sisterly-poses, get on your knees on the floor. Now inhale fully by allowing your belly to fill with air and lowering towards the floor. Now, look at the ceiling as you let your head drop slightly. Exhale. Continue this cycle for about 5 minutes and gradually increase the time.

Two things you must know before you start practicing these asanas are:

  1. Don’t push yourself too hard: We understand that as you begin practicing yoga, you would want to push yourself harder to perform your best. But that is not to say that you must exert yourself in the process. Give your body some time to get used to this new addition to your lifestyle.
  2. Injury: If you have had a major neck injury, do not push yourself unless you have clarified this with your doctor.

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