Delve Deep: 3 Mistakes People Should Not Make Twice |
Delve Deep: 3 Mistakes People Should Not Make Twice

Delve Deep: 3 Mistakes People Should Not Make Twice

31 Jul, 2019

“When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision,” quoted Paulo Coelho. That cannot be explained more clearly.

It is human to make mistakes. It is only natural that we make mistakes as a part of our growth. But when you repeat the same mistake, there are more chances that you are doing that on purpose. Albert Einstein popularly said that an insane man is the one who does the same thing but expects a different outcome.

That’s definitely how it works with our mistakes too. You must act differently or be a little different in order to get a new outcome. Here are 3 mistakes that you must understand-

  1. Loving someone too much and expecting them to change: One of the most common mistakes a lot of us make is this. Get this straight- Loving someone too much isn’t going to change them. Which goes on to say that, loving them harder will not change them in any sense. To say the least, changing someone isn’t clearly something that you should do. But on the other end, remember that loving someone more than before isn’t a way to get your bargain.
  2. Trying to please everyone: You cannot please everyone and that is the fact of it. That goes further to say that you weren’t exactly put in this universe to do that. For one, everyone is subjected to have a differing opinion than you in every way. And secondly, if someone doesn’t like you or feel similarly about you, that isn’t exactly your problem.
  3. Trying to become someone that you are not: You are bound to only be yourself and that is the beauty of it. When you constantly try to impersonate someone, you end up disappointing yourself. In any relationship, if you try to make yourself a certain way, the mask will eventually fade away and that- will be an ugly turn. Always, remember that the beauty of life is to be enjoyed when you know yourself completely and accept yourself more.

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