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3 Yoga Poses For Thyroid

3 Yoga Poses For Thyroid

10 May, 2019

There is very little chance that you don’t know anyone suffering from a thyroid disorder. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, about “42 million people in India suffer from thyroid diseases.” Look around you now, and you will find at least 4 people who suffer from the ailment. That is exactly how common this ailment is. Arguably, thyroid related diseases are the commonest endocrine disorders around the globe today. India is no exception to this either.

Given the commonality of the disease, medication could be your only resort, or so you thought? Happily, no! Yoga is known to provide a holistic solution to this potentially life-threatening disease.

Yoga – a holistic approach

Don’t get all bendy trying to get the poses right, especially if it’s your first attempt at Yoga. All you really need to do is be consistent with the practice. Here are 3 yoga poses that you ought to try:

  1. Shoulder stand or Sarvangasana: This is often the first pose suggested to anyone with a thyroid disorder. This is because the pose amps up the blood flow to all your glands. Lie on the ground and gradually start pushing your legs on top. The stand will be considered complete when you rest completely on your shoulders. Let your arms support your hip region. For better support, you could perform shoulder stand opposite to a wall.
  2.  Fish pose or Matsyasana: This is a moderately difficult pose to ace at first and so here’s your pose made slightly easy: You must sit down cross-legged or in padmasana. Slightly start bending your back and let your head rest on the floor while the back must be in an arched position. Once this is done, stretch your hands to touch your toes. The entire weight of your body will fall on your buttocks and head.
  3. Corpse Pose or Savasana:
    Often known to be one of the most calming poses, corpse pose is great for your body to de-stress. Lie down flat on the ground and let the stillness of your body help it to heal and get better.

Disclaimer: Please practice these poses under expert supervision and only after consultation with your doctor.


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