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5 things to avoid before you start your meditation

5 things to avoid before you start your meditation

18 Jul, 2019

Even though meditation is an ancient practice, it is now getting recognition in the masses and becoming a part of a healthy routine. It is found in many pieces of research that even spending a minimal time of as less as 5 minutes daily sitting in meditation can decrease the anxiety levels and elevate the growth of serotonin in a person. Serotonin is the happy hormone that can cure depression and stress. But as I said it is an ancient practice there are some techniques that make it work better. That means you have to follow a few rules or avoid a few things before you sit down to meditate. 

Now, meditation is all about concentrating and shifting your focus to your core-self. It is ideal to avoid distractions as you make your mind to go into your meditation. The major 5 things you should avoid before starting your meditation are as follows: 

  1. Don’t sit in a cluttered or messy space: Meditation is a process where the energies flow freely in your body and around. If the surrounding around you is messy and stops the flow of your energy, it can reflect in your meditation and can make it really difficult to concentrate. Therefore, it is best to meditate after you take a bath and light some incense sticks as you sit to meditate. It is also said that water has healing powers and after a bath, you anyway feel rejuvenated and fresh. Hence, setting up a routine to meditate everyday after you take a bath in the morning can really work for most. 
  2. No distractions AT ALL: Set up a routine for your meditation and keep your mobile, TV, computers, video games or anything that can distract you while meditation, away. If you want music playing while you meditate, use a music player or an iPod, avoid playing it from your phone or keep your phone on an airplane mode.
  3. Keep fixed times: The purpose of meditation is relaxation, so take out time from your busy schedule, even if its 10 minutes, for meditation and dedicate it fully towards the benefit of your mind, body, and soul. 
  4. Avoid heavy eating: It is always better to avoid eating anything heavy or oily before doing any kind of exercise, even if it’s mental. Oil in heavy foods makes you sleepy and hard to concentrate. You can have fruits or juice in the morning before meditation if you are hungry. 
  5. Don’t over expect: Meditation is an art and it comes to you with practice. Now, due to media and publicity, it is seen as a very easy technique and something that can be done without any supervision. Though it is easy to learn, not every form will work on you. There are many meditation forms and they all have different effects on your body, mind, and soul. So, try to find the right one for you without the over expectation of achieving mindfulness in one go. There is definitely a technique out there that will work for you and make you encounter the beautiful world that mindfulness is. 

Meditation is as strong as it is gentle and flowing. It needs to be molded according to your personal comfort and intensity. Don’t get into meditation with an expectation of excelling in a single go. So, choose a time, clean your surrounding, sit down quietly and close your eyes, a world full of wonders and amazements is waiting for you.  

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 

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