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5 Unusual Phobias and How Past Life Regression Can Help?

5 Unusual Phobias and How Past Life Regression Can Help?

27 May, 2019

We are all scared of something or the other- whether it is about darkness or about being alone. These fears could make you jittery for a while and then, you usually get back to being yourself. Simple fears aren’t phobias. Fears caused due to something in the near past isn’t phobia either. For example, if you have been bitten by a dog in your childhood, you are bound to be a tad bit scared of dogs. But a phobia is an unreasonable fear.

These could often be called as those fears that can make you go pale in seconds for no apparent reason. A quick search on the internet giant told us more reasons to be worried than one. Given that there are multiple phobias in today’s world that are rare and unique. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Somniphobia: who doesn’t like a good sleep? If you thought this was a rhetorical question, you’re wrong! People who suffer from this phobia have an irrational fear of sleeping. This fear is triggered by the fact that these people associate excessive fear with dying.  It could also be due to the fear of nightmares or losing time while sleeping.
  2. Nomophobia: Seems like our affection for our telephones are a tad bit worrisome now! Nomophobia is a bizarre fear of one’s phone not being available to anyone. That could mean either the phone being out of battery, losing one’s phone, not being in coverage area or just not being able to connect to someone. Strangely though, studies show that about 50 percent of cell phone users are affected by this phobia.
  3. Pediophobia: We all remember the time when you saw that creepy doll in a horror movie, right? But we got over it and that’s that. But people suffering from this phobia have an unreasonable fear of dolls. Remember when Channing Tatum, the Hollywood actor confessed to this phobia on The Ellen Show? Yes, this phobia is for real!
  4. Spectrophobia: Most of us love to see ourselves in the mirror. But, not everyone! Spectrophobia is the fear of mirrors and seeing one’s own reflection. This stems from either a traumatic event involving mirrors, low self-esteem related to one’s physical appearance or the fears of apparitions.
  5. Hylophobia: Trees, forests and woods generally arouse a calming emotion in us all. But for some people, it is about scary images and the fear of being stranded or attacked in the wood by either a ghost or such apparitions. Most sufferers don’t overcome this fear as they avert going to woods at all and also, they suffer from major anxiety attacks when they hear or think of woods.

How can Past Life Regression help you to overcome phobias?

A lot of Past Life Regression (PLR) experts believe that our fears are triggered due to an event that occurred in the past life and most definitely, one may have died due to that cause. For example, if someone died of drowning in their previous life, there are high chances that they will suffer from hydrophobia (fear of water) in their present life.

According to Thriive-verified Wellness and Spiritual Coach Hitesh Vashisht, “Phobias are generally caused due to the cellular blockages that one experienced in the past life. This means that in their current life, if they have to overcome this fear, they must unblock it through living it again and relieving from it. PLR is a great healer for phobias.”

When you go for a PLR session for phobias, you will live through the experience, answering the WHY of the phobia. Once that is answered, overcoming it is much simpler!


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