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A healer’s role during the pandemic

A healer’s role during the pandemic

12 Jun, 2020

Today, each one of us is faced with a crisis. With the lockdown and economic activity coming to a halt, we are all facing a financial crisis. To top it all, there is this the threat from the pandemic. How we look at it, or rather respond to it, depends on our mind-set. We can be optimistic or pessimistic – two ends of the proverbial rainbow. 

Dr Naresh Mintri, a Reiki expert, helps us understand what the options are before us. 

Self-healing and immunity

I need not speak about the importance of self-healing during this period. As healers, we are aware of the importance of this practice. Do not neglect this, particularly during this testing time.

Sri Pradeep Agarwal, my Hypnosis Guru, has created a Self-Hypnosis programme for boosting your immune system and has shared it free on his You Tube channel. It is a 12 min programme, available in both Hindi and English. Listen to whichever you wish to. I am giving the link to the English version. 

Self-protection and mind control

Other than the optimists and pessimists, we have another three groups of people these days. The careless, the sensible and the paranoid.

The careless are those who think it is bravado to break rules, go on an adventure no matter what the risks involved are. We’ve seen them go out – no masks, no distancing, joy rides in fancy, elegant vehicles. Nothing you tell them will enter their brains, so we leave them out. The paranoids now. We have people who keep advising you on all that which should not to be done. People keep cleaning their doorknobs, table tops, anything anyone touches. They keep checking the data being published on the cases recorded, deaths and healed. Ask them why, and the reply is, “You should also be doing this. I don’t want to fall ill!” A perfect thought, indeed. Have you thought of what your intent and focus is on? “Falling ill!” What you focus on is precisely what you get! A time tested formula no one can challenge. What’s the alternative? Shift your focus from falling ill to staying safe! ‘Istay safe and healthy’. All that I am doing is to stay safe and healthy! With this focus, what will you be getting, if the above formula works? Safe and healthy! 

Doesn’t mean you throw caution to the winds and get reckless. Do take your precautions, but with a positive mind-set. Remember life’s problems may be complicated, yet the answers are always very simple. Why complicate matters further? Simplify things and be happy! Doesn’t this sound more sensible? 

Chanting Mantras

We are all aware of the benefits of mantras and how chanting them help in many situations. During the present crisis, if we all were to chant the Gayatri mantra one mala (108 times) a day, it will create enough vibration in the atmosphere to kill all bacteria and virus. It is best if you can sit down and recite it yourself. In case you cannot recite it correctly, play a recording and let the sound float through your apartment.

In case there is someone ill at home, then you can play the Mahamrityunjay Mantra. As the name suggests, it is a mantra which gives victory over death too, provided that is there in your destiny. Health recovery will be there, if destined (believe in the theory of Karma).  

Flame healing

Light one candle or diya near your puja altar and say this “As the energy of this flame spreads, within my apartment and beyond, may all those who come in touch with it be healed of all illness, and all be kept protected from all virus attacks. May all that which is in the best interest and for the highest good of all be done. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

If you are using a candle, carve the three symbols from Usui Reiki Level 2 (HSZSN, SHK, CKR) on the body of the candle with a pin or knife-point and then light it. If you are using a diya, then draw the symbols over it and then light it. 

I will suggest starting with this immediately and continue doing it for at least 15 days, the period when it is suspected that the Corona Virus can spread fast. You may continue doing it further till an all clear is given by the Government. 

Take control of your panic attacks

With the information which is being dished out to us in both the print and electronic media, as also the social medias, as to how bad and grim the situation is, it is but natural that one will become anxious and even panic with the thought “Am I next in line?”

In such a situation, it is best to stay calm; be positive in your thinking (this is something which I have been saying almost every day in my Facebook daily message) and do all that which the Government and Health authorities are asking us to do. Protect, don’t panic should be our mantra now. 

A very simple and easy modality to help calm nerves is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping. To stay calm is of utmost importance, for as healers only when we ourselves are calm can we help others with jittery nerves calm themselves. One of the symptoms of the Coronavirus is shortness of breath, but it’s not only those of us currently diagnosed who are having a hard time breathing. 

For many of us, the fear, anxiety and overwhelm are tightening up our breath, weakening our immune systems, and making it harder for our bodies to heal. 

Healing for others 

Till now we have discussed simple modalities to help ourselves and our near and dear ones. As healers, we simply cannot be selfish and think of ourselves only. We have been given a gift, and this gift should be available to mankind through us. Let us now reach out to others too….. 

A final word: Remember, all that which I have suggested are complimentary to traditional medicine and not a cure by themselves. Do not ignore the advice given by healthcare professionals and the Government on how to protect yourself just because you are practicing these modalities. Doing so could be risky both for you and society at large. In case of discomfort, consult your Doctor immediately for help and guidance. I have done my bit to share this information, all that I know. Will you do your bit by practicing these (one or all) and helping society during this time of crisis? Let us all pray for Divine intervention to mitigate the suffering because of this pandemic, for all of humanity, the fauna and flora of our planet.

Dr Naresh Mintri is a Reiki Grandmaster, a certified Hypnotherapist, and also does Angel Reading. 

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