Acupressure: Quick and safe home remedies at the tips of your fingers |
Acupressure: Quick and safe home remedies at the tips of your fingers

Acupressure: Quick and safe home remedies at the tips of your fingers

21 Dec, 2018

For those who want quick and safe solutions to common health ailments 

With inputs from Acupressure Expert Swetha Mehta
An Ancient Therapy
Your body is made up of two aspects: emotional and physical. Ancient texts dating back to more than 5000 years ago believe that a life force which is also called chi, flows through 14 channels or meridians inside the body.Often, due to traumas caused by mental or physical abuse, the flow of this chi is blocked and this leads to illness. Located on our hands and feet is our personal medicine chest – the key healing points, which correspond to the energy meridians, which in turn are connected to various organs.Acupressure is an ancient therapy that heals through the stimulation of the points corresponding to the affected organ. This activates the energy flow and the illness is cured. It is a safe-to-use therapy with no harmful side-effects.

Given below are a few points you can use for immediate relief of some common disorders:

1) LI – 4: The Best Painkiller Point

Located: On the back of the hand just below the web

Helps: Relieves pain, back pain, stomach pain, periods pain, any pain in any part of the body…this is the point to press for immediate relief.

2) ST – 36: Strengthen Your Core with this cure for all stomach ailments

Located: On the shin bone, 4 fingers below where the kneecap ends and I finger space outwards.

Helps: The body is healthy if the core is strong. Stimulate the stomach point a 100 times to bring relief to any stomach related ailment that gets you in its grip: acidity, nausea, vomiting, constipation.

3) H- 7: The Heart point for both heartaches and heart blocks, stress and anxiety included

Located: On the crease of the wrist, corresponding to the spot between the ring finger and little finger.

Helps: Stress-related anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, palpitations, chest pain are some of the ailments that can be relieved by stimulating this heart point as you count from 1 to 100 – won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

4) LI – 11: Immunity booster point

Located: On the outer crease of the elbow, on the outer side of the arm.

Helps: With seasonal changes come the sniffles and sneezes. Pump up the body immunity with the required 100 stimulations (applying pressure) on this point. Excellent for boosting children’s immunity. Coughs and colds will now be a thing of the past.

5) SP – 6: All abdominal women-specific ailments

Located: Four finger space above the ankle in the depression under the bone (tibia).

Helps: PCOD, painful periods, infertility, abdominal bloating and even emotional eating – get relief from these and many other women-specific ailments by stimulating this single point.

About Swetha Mehta
Swetha Mehta is a Thriive-verified Acupressure & Alternative Medicine Expert. She firmly believes that we can be our own doctor and is actively involved in practising and also teaching these therapies. Swetha was recently chosen as the Thriive Healer of the Month. She can be contacted here:


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