An inspiring success story of PLR - how one man's asthma was cured! |
An inspiring success story of PLR – how one man’s asthma was cured!

An inspiring success story of PLR – how one man’s asthma was cured!

30 Apr, 2019

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) has helped cure many fears and phobias. We requested Thriive-verified PLR expert Radhika Deshpande to share with us a successful case study of a healing that took place through PLR. Over to Ms. Radhika Deshpande…

I have a 50-year-old male patient, a businessman, who was cured of his asthma issues through PLR.

This patient had already got a PLR done 6-7 years ago. In that past life, he could see only the initial part but could not reach the part where the problem had arrived or initiated. Through PLR, I took him back to the same lifetime.

In this previous incarnation, he was a very important scientist of one kingdom. Due to political reasons he had been kidnapped by the neighbouring kingdom.

He was arrested and kept in a dungeon as a political prisoner for more than 20-30 years. It was an absolutely dark room.

When the war ended, they decided to hang him. They brought him up from the dungeon with a black cloth bag covering his face. Even now he could not see anything. When he was in the dungeon, he had trouble breathing. Now, with his face covered, his breath came out in bursts. He was panting.

It is very important to see everything and fully experience the past.

As we say, reliving is relieving.

The patient was experiencing everything completely. His body was shrinking into itself. I could see that he was labouring to breathe properly. His whole body language reflected what was happening to him.

When he was hanged, my patient went through the physical and emotional catharsis. I could see his entire body reacting to the hanging. The patient went through the entire death process, beginning from the feet and going up the thighs to the torso.

It was important for the patient to experience death and come out of it because it signified that the previous lifetime was over. My patient could let go of the past. He did not need to live in the dark; he could now breathe easily.

Our subconscious experiences everything as if it happening in the present. By going through it and releasing it, we are informing the subconscious of the same. This is how healing takes place.

How did one know that the healing had taken place?

The asthma attacks that used to happen 7-8 times a month reduced to one episode a month.

Why did it not go away completely? The reason is that the patient had over the period of 50 years developed certain patterns on account of being attached to his past experience.

These patterns needed to be worked upon too. The larger chunk was dealt with, though. Over a period of time, as the treatment continued, the healing was completed.


About Radhika Deshpande


Radhika Deshpande is an award-winning artist, specializing in Ceramics. She has done solo and group shows at reputed art galleries and also conducts clay and pottery workshops for students and corporates. In 2009, Radhika studied spiritual healing and Past Life Regression at the Life Research Academy (Hyderabad), graduating as a gold medallist. Since the last 7 years, she has successfully provided healing solutions for both physical and mental issues. She is also a much sought-after PLR Presenter.

Since 2011, Radhika has developed special wellbeing programmes for parents whose children have certain difficulties which has given astounding results. Her meditation workshops for students of 1st – 10th grade have received a brilliant response. She also designs and sells fabric bags, silver jewelry and clothing under her own label called “Raaa”. Radhika chooses to pursue art and healing to empower people to realize their full potential.

We are fortunate to have Radhika Deshpande on board as a Thriive-verified PLR expert. You can connect with her HERE.







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