An Interview With Don Paris |
An Interview With Don Paris

An Interview With Don Paris

23 Jan, 2018

In this email interview, Don Paris, the co-creator of SE-5, simplifies for us the ground-breaking energy medicine concept of Radionics.
Thriive: What is Radionics? Tell us what led you to this path, because it is an absolutely new term we are hearing more of.

Don Paris: Radionics is a technology which allows the practitioner to gather information at a distance to analyze and balance subtle fields of information and energy for health and well being of plants, animals and other applications.

I was guided to this path by the inner masters. Even though I had seen a Radionic instrument and examined it several years before, I didn’t know much about it. I was led to this master Radionic practitioner. When I met him at his clinic the first time, I got goose bumps all over my body. I knew instinctively that this was what I had been searching for and that I would be working with him. After several years of working together, he turned all of his work over to me and we are still in contact after 30 years.

Thriive: Could you tell us about it in a way that even a layperson can understand easily?

Don Paris: We are energy beings. The entire universe is filled with subtle energy with which plants, animals, and even rocks are vibrating.

Every thing in the universe is created from a blueprint that is pre-physical. This information/blueprint exists on another level or dimension often called astral or mental level. In India, these finer levels of existence are well known and better understood than in the West. The information stored in these blueprints for existence on our physical level is what give form to all of life.

For example, a tree has a basic blueprint on its shape and size as well as design. If this information gets corrupted (just like a program in a computer can become corrupted) by chemicals or trauma or other means, the tree will not grow properly to fulfill its original design and may attract pests to begin to destroy itself. We can do this from a distance because we have access to the higher dimension levels of the tree.

With Radionics, we can analyze the tree to see if it is balanced within the original design or if it has gotten out of balance.

In case of an imbalance in the subtle levels of the tree, we can then begin to re-balance the original patterns so that the tree will recover and grow into a healthy state again.

This is a simplified explanation, but is basically what we can do with Radionics.

Thriive: How can one apply Radionics to daily life and what benefits can one get from doing it?

Don Paris: Since everything is energy and information, we can use Radionics in just about every area of life with health, plants, animals, relationships or even business.

Thriive: You are the co-creator of SE-5. Could you tell our readers what it is and how it works? Is it similar to any device used by the medical fraternity? Where did this research originate?

Don Paris: The SE-5 is the most advanced form of Radionics which interfaces with a computer. The computer helps us to organize vast amounts of complex Informational Fields (which are the basic blueprints I talked about before) and then send those Informational Fields to the SE-5 1000 for balancing our client.

The medical industry does not have any equipment that is similar. Radionics has been heavily suppressed through out its history of over 100 years by the medical industry. The current medical model is based on very old concepts of cause and effect through the use of drugs and chemicals. It fails to acknowledge that we are constantly changing energy beings that occupy many levels of reality. Mental and emotional changes have direct effects on the physical body.

Radionics has a history of over 100 years of providing a holistic approach to health. I have discussed most of its history and how it has helped people all over the world, in my book, Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions.

Thriive: Could you share with us any incident in your practice in which SE-5 made almost a miraculous difference?

Don Paris: In my own life, I suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years. It was a deeply genetic problem on both sides of my family going all the way back to my great grandparents and possibly further.

I tried many approaches from homeopathy, acupuncture, drugs, electro medicine, healers, chiropractic, osteopathy, Rolfing, massage, diet, but nothing worked.

One day, an SE-5 practitioner sat down and worked on me for about four hours and within a couple more weeks, I had no more migraines. That was many years ago now.

Thriive: We are witnessing an overwhelming and unprecedented number of inquiries for your workshop. What can the attendees look forward to in your sessions (both in- and post-conference) at QEC2?

Don Paris: We will have five leaders and teachers of the SE-5 1000 and Radionics speaking at the QE2 conference and also for the five day SE-5 1000 training. This is the first time in history we will have so much knowledge and talent of Radionics and the SE-5 1000 in one place. The QE2 has brought together the absolute best there is.

At the 5-day training, SE-5 practitioners will learn step by step procedures on different applications of the SE-5 1000 in health, business and agriculture.

Participants auditing the course will get an inside look at how people that have been in this field for many years have changed their world and the world around themselves. It is like walking through a door into another universe where the universe is alive and interactive. We become co-creators of life and work with universal principles to create the world they way it can be and should be.

It is one thing to read about miracles in a book. It is totally different to see the people that have been working in this field for many years and see miracles every day. We will not only have teachers from China, Holland, USA and India, but there will also be practitioners from around the world attending the course that are a wealth of information as well.

I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone once again in India and am super excited about this gathering of amazing people.

Don Paris, the co-creator of SE-5, will be speaking at QEC2 (in case you missed it in the cover pic ;)). You can catch his session on 26th Jan 2018 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. His post-conference SE-5 training and seminar takes place from 29th Jan – 2nd Feb 2018. To register and to know more, visit HERE.

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