Anant Chaturdashi: The point of total surrender |
Anant Chaturdashi: The point of total surrender

Anant Chaturdashi: The point of total surrender

12 Sep, 2019

Anant Chaturdashi brings us to the point of total surrender. Ganesh Visarjan and the immersion of something we love to a greater force is the perfect example of how surrender plays out in our life.  Letting go of something you love-a a person, an idea, a dream, is an important step to wellness. Surrendering to the faith of greater power with love brings ease and peace. This is the true essence of visarjan or immersion, so this Anant Chaturdashi, let’s celebrate surrendering to the mighty force that creates all of life. 

Surrender is sometimes the toughest step of personal evolution. The ability to let go of old deep-rooted negative patterns, thoughts, emotions, takes tremendous courage.  Facing down those patterns, letting them go, and embracing change is the key to transformation. The river of change can be crossed only with a sense of surrender.

But why go through that?

Freedom from stress and burden

When you surrender, you stop limiting yourself and forcing solutions to problems that are beyond your control. Your expectations and anxiety to experience the ‘desired’ results will stop. Your ego will understand reality and will not puff up beyond control. Acceptance will creep in. You will start to wait for the surprises in life and enjoy each moment with awareness. 

Breaking the emotional wall

Whenever you lose a loved one to death or face extreme health or emotional crisis, you start feeling cheated. You keep going back to the problem or issue and analyze it so much that it feels like the situation is constantly replaying in an endless loop in your head. The reality is you cannot have readymade answers and you have to live life to understand. In such times, acceptance and surrender is the best way to move on. Otherwise, you create an emotional wall that threatens to break you down at any time. Only because some moments need us to simply accept the experience and soldier on.

Surrender leads to the solution

Without surrender, you cannot tear down the emotional wall and look beyond the issues you’re facing. Your defenses are a shield that nothing can get past. But when you accept and move on, you mature and evolve automatically. The subconscious emotional movement tears down invisible blocks in your personality. You are now a newer, more mature person. This maturation will put you on the path of evolution. 

Is surrender failure or feeling sorry?

Certainly neither; Surrender is a conscious, self-loving way of accepting things and turning onto oneself for peace. It is not giving up the ability to give up fighting. It is not diplomacy either. Surrender is the acceptance of personal responsibility. It is the act of getting off the inconquerable ride of doing things by force and will. 

When we face trauma and anxiety we try and analyze everything and come up with solutions. But the solutions apply to and appease only the momentary anxiety. When another wave takes you over, you are confronted by more questions and mounting anxiety. This goes on and on like a chain reaction. Acceptance, on the other hand, though it brings a temporary feeling of discomfort and longing leads you to a quieter, saner path. 

Emotional blockers for surrender

Strong self-will could be a potential blocker for surrender. When you feel that you have the potential and wherewithal to execute and succeed in something you never let go until the very last minute. Even after that regret and self-loathing chases you. But self will could bring along the fear of failure. Pride, which some people groom for self-preservation, is a self-response to humiliation and rejection. Surrender is all about accepting our own vulnerabilities and limitations. 

There are some quirks that can be blockers for surrender. Some people take immense pride and provide reasons to be stubborn. They won’t bend to accept or move on. Stubbornness is definitely not strength. Such personalities have a hard shell that needs breaking into.  

Surrender is a pure feeling. It is the threshold of receptivity and reciprocation. Though you are at the peak of uncertainty while surrendering, it is the most beautiful place to be in. Here is where you feel fuller, lighter and more alive than ever. 

Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features. 

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