Angry? Manage it better please! |
Angry? Manage it better please!

Angry? Manage it better please!

15 Jul, 2019

Anger is a strong and multi-dimensional emotion. It needs to be garnered with much strength and self-consciousness that it doesn’t turn out to be a tool to inflict harm on you or others. So much also goes into how you express anger and let others understand it as well as you mean it. If it puts you on a path of self-introspection and clarity then you are in the right direction. If you are simply justifying your incompleteness in personality then you need a better understanding of yourself. 

Anger and Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to get that invisible handle on you and to pull that handle whenever there is a need. Meditation in its most basic, doable form is nothing but opening your eyes and ears to take a closer look at your internal self. At its best, easy breathing can help you get yourself back together when you are on the verge of falling off an emotional cliff. Easy breathing, wherein you observe just the inhalation and exhalation is the best when you are in the thick of a strong feeling. Meditation also prevents serious outcomes such as heart attacks, strokes, and hemorrhages in more serious issues. 

Types of meditation

We have seen old people roll the rosary beads, chant a mantra to keep the focus going. There are others such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Mindfulness is another contemporary type of meditation wherein you are advised to be in the moment. There are other powerful yoga and meditation centers where you disconnect from the world to connect with your inner self.      

Om for relief

The powerful three letter word is the basis of all sounds in the universe. The word with its unique sound and pronunciation is chanted gathering the energy from the depth of your gut and navigating it through the upper cavities until it reaches the throat from where it is delivered with breath and sound control. Chanting Om steadies your breathing, exhausts your neurotic energy, actively engages your senses and keeps you a notch above your vulnerable emotions.    

Will meditation stem anger?

In a very broad sense meditation de-clutters the mind. It eliminates the gibbering or murmuring that is always associated with an angry outburst. It stops the unending conversation and beating that happens in the head and gives you a clear perspective of things.

Basically, you can order it to stop when you don’t like what it is thinking and still travel deeper and deeper. In the long run, it helps you choose whether to get angry at all and it is worthy of expression with the people you are angry with. It slows you down, helps you take a moment to pull you out of your own denial and articulate better. In addition, anger which stems from a lot of other issues such as anxiety and depression can be handled well with meditation. 

Reconciling meditation and anger

But for all we know, meditation by itself is a process of silencing all the emotional roller-coaster. When you close your eyes and chant a mantra, the first thing you have wanted to erase from your memory would be the first thing you would recall. On a defensive mode, you would revisit the same incident and offering self-explanations to your anger and errant or inadequate behavior. But that would turn out to be the best part of the experience. Embracing our incompleteness, inadequacy and inner conflict would place us in a better position. The pressure to compete and to be correct would work less on us. We tend to become non-judgmental and open to different views too.  

Aside this conventional practice, being meditative throughout the waking part of the day, without closing your eyes but being in touch with all your emotions is the best way to know what you are feeling and up to doing. 

 Vijayalakshmi Sridhar’s stories explore human relationships and their dynamics. She is enjoying her journey as a writer of fiction and features.  

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