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Angry? Yoga can help

Angry? Yoga can help

26 Aug, 2019

Are your close ones or your colleagues troubled or scared of the way your anger controls you – rather than it being the other way around? Most of the people who have trouble in channelizing their anger are mostly in denial about their anger issues. But you’re not alone, and there are answers! Anger is a normal and healthy emotion to have as long as we have the tools we need to tame it. 

Meditation is one of the foremost tools that experts, including psychiatrists around the world, recommend. Among the many benefits of meditation- one of the most significant benefits is that it helps you to reduce and control your anger. Through meditation, we learn to focus on our breath, and through this, we can calm the mind. To understand the solution to this problem, it is also equally important to unravel the complexities of the problem.

Why is anger harmful to your health?

Anger is fine, as long as you can express yourself in a way that is not harmful to anyone – it can even be termed healthy. However, when you are not able to tame your emotions and anger gets the best of you – a lot of problems are likely to pop-up in all areas of life, be it physical, mental, emotional, or social. 

One of the primary effects of uncontrolled anger is an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. The breathing rate also increases abnormally. When you have recurrent and unmanaged anger issues, your metabolic changes are set in motion which is likely to affect your health and overall quality of life. Some of the many ill-effects of unmanaged anger issues are:

– Heart Attack

– Stroke 

– Decreased Immunity 

– Skin Problems 

Yoga Assist – Anger Management

Yoga is famous for boosting well being. Your challenges while practicing yoga, reflects your inner obstacles, and pushes you to conquer them on the mat, and in life! Yoga can reveal to you your true self, and create a strong sense of awareness towards self, your surroundings, and others. It can show you where your anger is stuck, and how you can “unglue” it. Following are the list of Yoga techniques that you can use in your daily life to tame your temper: 

  1. Svadhaya: Understand Yourself

For all the times you get angry if you could analyze the situation, you will notice all the small details. You can strategize your anger triggers and try to analyze what changes can be done to prevent this from happening. It is important to notice when you are feeling angry, Svadhyana or also known as a self-study will help you to notice patterns and reflect upon the problems that you are facing. 

  1. Asana: Think from a New Angle

You might have been told that you should scream to release your anger, but did you know – your body cannot be relaxed and tense at the same time. Shouting and screaming barely work as a means to combat anger. Yoga offers you, an ocean of variety asanas – picking and practicing your favorite yoga asana is one of the quickest ways to release anger. It is difficult to be angry when you are trying to balance your body with asanas like – Bakasana or Sirsana.

  1. Isvara Parnidhana: Believe in Something Bigger

Subconscious anger can be analyzed in terms of a lack of awareness, as well as an active misconstruction of reality. It is said that when anger is approached with mindfulness, loving-kindness, and non-attachment, it can act as a magnifying glass to explore the complexities of our psyche and build a connection with something bigger than what we perceive our reality to be. The concept of Isvara Pranidhana surrounds the idea of surrendering yourself to a higher power, which in turn lessens the anger and gives you more place for growing and learning. 

  1. Saucha: Clean Eating

It is very easy to see how food generally affects our physical body, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you when you realize the significance of food on our mental body. It is by practicing healthy and clean eating, you practice Saucha. Processed foods filled with preservatives, additives, and pesticides can make our body’s work extra to detoxify and eliminate the unnatural chemicals which make us restless and agitated. Some of the packaged foods are also known to overstimulate our bodies. Coffee, chocolates, and junk foods are some of the common factors which increase the heat and rajasic energy in our body, which is directly associated with increased feelings of anger. 

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