Are Ayurvedic massages really helpful? |
Are Ayurvedic massages really helpful?

Are Ayurvedic massages really helpful?

24 Jun, 2019

After a troublesome and tiring week at work, when you curl back on your bed on Friday evening, a hot cup of coffee, a therapeutic massage, and a warm cuddle is probably the only thing you need. Isn’t there something very soothing about massages? Yes, we get that feeling.

Even when kids are born,  they’re asked to get massages done- ever wondered why? Not only are these massages soothing but also, these have high therapeutic value. In the ancient medicine of Ayurveda, massages are highly recommended. Different kinds of massages are helpful for various ailments.

According to Ayurveda, massages have a soothing approach which means a person is not only in a relaxed state of mind but also finds an improved sense of sleep and wellbeing. In an ideal world, Ayurvedic massage can be carried out daily to help in keeping all the stress out of our body and mind.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massages

Each kind of massage has a set of benefits. Here are 3 of them:

  1. Weight loss: Well, no we didn’t make this up! When you undergo a warm oil massage as a routine, the fats are burnt and removed in the form of sweat from your body. In fact, according to Ayurveda, excess body weight is considered as an imbalance in the body. Therefore, these massages will help you in restoring the balance.
  2. Better vision: Massaging in specific areas are quite beneficial for improved vision too. This is because the lymphatic system is revitalized by improving the lymphatic drainage system. When a massage is given rightly, it helps in removing the toxins from the body by leaving the overall body in a healthy and recharged state. Regular massage eliminates the free radicals and hence, reduces general inflammation.
  3. Promotes better sleep: A regular massage helps in calming your nerves and nourishes your brain, nervous system, mind, soul, skin and joints too. These massages aid in emulating the warmth and aiding in calming your body. Specific oils are used to help in different ailments or purposes- all of which helps in promoting a night of good sleep.

Apart from just this, massages help in a variety of reasons like smooth skin, healthy bone health as well as detoxification of the body.

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