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Attract and build your own spiritual tribe

Attract and build your own spiritual tribe

24 Jun, 2020

Sangha is a Sanskrit word used in many Indian languages, including Pali, which means  an ‘association’, ‘assembly’, ‘tribe’, ‘company’, or ‘community’. In Buddhism, Sangha refers to the monastic community of monks. These communities are traditionally referred to as the bhikkhu sangha or bhikkhuni sangha. As a separate category, those who have attained any of the four stages of enlightenment, whether or not they are members of the monastic community, are referred to as the Aryasangha or Noble Sangha. The members of the Sangha share the same core values and beliefs. Soul tribe is a group of people trying to live by certain shared principles, striving to become the best version of themselves, and supporting each other. They are a group of people who understand us. They understand us,  resonate with us, and share similar values and beliefs. Have you ever talked to someone and suddenly you both realize that you have  been talking for a few hours non-stop! It’s like they just get you, and you get them. There is an instant connection. They believe in your passion, your philosophy, and your purpose. And you believe in theirs. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Hitesh Vashisht, an expert on Past Life Regression, Rebirthing, Family Constellation and Inner Child Healing explains how we can build and connect with our soul tribe.
Soul tribe members will always love us unconditionally
Our soul tribe will accept us just as we are. They will love us unconditionally love and there will be no transactional relationships or any expectations. We will not be judged by our soul tribe and we can trust being vulnerable in their company. They will continue to love us from a place of detachment. We can experience the freedom of being ourselves, follow and do whatever we want without being controlled by them. As Khalil Gibran said, “Let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.”
Learn to trust yourself
We should learn to trust ourselves and the Universe. All the mistrust and fear that we experience around us stems from a lack of trust in ourselves. When we feel that we may fall into a trap, although it is the external circumstance that may intimidate us,  but it’s a lack of trust within ourselves that makes us feel fearful which hampers our relationship with others. As we begin to trust ourselves more, we get ready to attract our spiritual tribe.
Trust the Universe
We should be aware of how the Universe always supports us. During this ongoing lockdown, people feel insecured about their career, finances etc. but we tend to forget that the Universe is always abundant. Having faith in the Universe is the first step towards attracting our tribe.
Build your primary and secondary circle of trust
There are two circles of trust, the primary and secondary circle. The secondary circle consists of our parents, siblings, spouses, friends, relatives and community. There is nobody in the world who has not had a breach of trust within the secondary circle. When this breach happens, most of us feel that we do not want to trust again after experiencing deep hurt and pain. So, we put up defence walls and we become too conscious and don’t allow any loved ones to get close to us. We should shift from the secondary circle to the primary circle. The primary circle is built by our own inner faith and the universal energy field. This faith is also available outside of us since microcosm and macrocosm coexist. Even if we are hurt because of the breach of trust, we should remember to be grateful for this life, for food on our plate and for the Universe taking care of all our needs.
Our vibe attracts our tribe
If a person is not in tandem with us and if we have raised our vibration, the Universe will never put us in an unfair situation. When we enter the world of spirituality, our immediate circle starts to shift and we start meeting our soul tribe. People from our immediate circle will not be in resonance with our frequency anymore. We can love and respect them and still make a choice to move on. Sometimes, we stop resonating with our parents, spouse, relatives etc.too.
Embrace your shadows
Authenticity means accepting the light and shadow aspects within ourselves. Darkness and light are from the same core and they are not different. We can continue to work on our shadow self and embrace our positive and negative side. Embracing both the aspects, while we heal ourselves is an expression of authenticity. Inner work is a wonderful tool to attract our tribe.
Shifting our vibration helps shift our reality
For instance, if we are working in an organisation where we are not surrounded by good bosses and colleagues, if we shift our vibration, two things can happen. We shift our vibration and we land a new job with good people to work with or we shift our vibration, but it’s the same old job. Our soul may be pulling us towards exploring a new job, but we may fear what if we fall in the same trap again and come across the same kind of toxic people. In order to stop attracting a similar experience again, we need to trust ourselves and the Universe and have the right closure. We should work on the ill feelings, forgive ourselves and others and respectfully move on. We should understand that nobody was right or wrong here and everybody was operating from their own state of consciousness. Shifting our vibration helps us to attract and maintain a circle of our tribe.
Therapies that can bring us closer home to our soul tribe
Family Constellation
We should understand that breach of trust is not just what we may have faced, but it’s also our parents, grandparents and ancestors. A pattern of mistrust repeats itself over generations together. Through family constellation, we get to the root cause of the block and heal it through mapping. It takes time to heal but along with the therapy, we also have to take small steps in the physical reality to change our old patterns. In case of mistrust, we need to take steps to start trusting people all over again.
Inner child healing
If a patriarch in a family has been shunted out from the family business by his brothers and the father keeps telling his son not to trust anybody and not to trust the siblings, the child develops a mistrust among his secondary circle and he starts suspecting everyone around him. This can be healed with inner child healing.
Past Life Regression
For instance, if in our past lives, we we could not marry a person we loved  the most and he/ she got married to somebody else and we committed suicide due to the breach of trust, hurt and immense pain, the patterns from our past lives will be carried on to the next lives. Through past life regression therapy, we visit the root cause of the mistrust in our relationships and we can heal it. We can always make a new choice to end the patterns of trauma in the present life.
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