Attract Abundance By Practicing These 4 Gratitude Ways Into Your Routine |
Attract Abundance By Practicing These 4 Gratitude Ways Into Your Routine

Attract Abundance By Practicing These 4 Gratitude Ways Into Your Routine

27 Nov, 2019

Abundance is not just monetary. A fulfilled life needs an abundance of health, abundance of knowledge and wisdom and abundance of peace and happiness and so on. However, we seldom think about ways to bring abundance in our lives. All we do is keep asking the almighty to bless us with a full hand. However, there’s nothing in life that we can truly acquire and enjoy without striving for it. And this includes abundance as well. 

Are you wondering if it’s easy to bring abundance in life? Then maybe the answer is a simple yes. To attract more you need to be thankful for everything that you already have in life. It’s like you can’t ask for more food without knowing what’s on your plate already. Therefore, gratitude in all forms is one of the best ways to attract abundance in your life. Let’s learn how to practice gratitude in our routine lives to make it abundant and fulfilling. 


This might look like an additional task to do every day but it is also one of the easiest ways to start your gratitude practice. When we start thinking about all the things that we are thankful for our thoughts might go on a whirlwind ride and some of us may even get distracted. Pen and paper make it easy to put down concisely everything that we are or should be thankful for. If you are thinking that writing or journaling may occupy your time every day then let us warn you that getting lost in the thoughts will consume even more time. 

Being mindful

Mindfulness has taken over the western world as a spiritual concept. However, this simple practice is important to carefully acknowledge everything in life. If you are having a hard time practicing gratitude then mindfulness is a good way to start. This practice will bring your attention to the present and will help you to take notice of everything around you. Mindfulness is also a good technique for all the pessimistic souls who find it hard to figure out the good things in their life that they can be thankful for. 

Carry a physical token of gratitude

Associating feelings and thoughts to an inanimate object is very powerful. This works exactly just like the way music and fragrance often take you on a nostalgic journey. Carry something that reminds you of everything that you should be thankful for. It could be a piece of jewellery that reminds you of your wonderful grandparents and loved ones or a book or a pen that your beloved teacher gifted you. If you don’t have anything then a photo of people you love the most is a good enough start to begin your gratitude journey.  In case, there’s absolutely nothing that you have, then just take a piece of paper with your favourite colour and write down all the gratitude affirmations and keep it in your pocket or bag. Take a look at your gratitude token at least once every day. 

Appreciate yourself

While thanking everyone and everything in the world, one person we always forget is ourselves. You are the most important part of your life. Thank yourself for making through the tough times and for bringing in the good times. Expressing gratitude to yourself will build self-love and self-compassion. The law of attraction says like attracts like and hence, when you appreciate yourself, the world around you will start appreciating you more, bringing more compassion and love in your life. 

As simple as it sounds, gratitude is surprisingly powerful. Pain often takes away all our attention and hence, makes it harder to look at other things around us. However, inculcating gratitude in the routine will not only help us to attract abundance but also help us to get through the most difficult times. Knowing that there is something that you can be thankful for will make you believe that it’s not the end of the world at every turning point of your life. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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