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Ayurveda: 3 myths that you should forget right away

Ayurveda: 3 myths that you should forget right away

19 Apr, 2019

Ayurveda can safely be called as one of the foremost medicinal systems of India. Over the years, this branch of medicine has increased manifold. The treatment methods and study of ailments have also been quite commendable.

It has a rich history and cultural background. This in turn has given rise to a lot of myths or misconceptions about this medicine.

Here are 3 of those myths about Ayurveda that you may have had at least once busted for you:

  • Ayurvedic treatments take longer to heal: Let’s get this straight! Generally, those who go in for Ayurvedic treatments have tried almost all other treatments and couldn’t get the desired results. Let’s take the example of Tuberculosis. Treatment for TB in Ayurveda is foolproof if it’s diagnosed in the initial stages. However, if you go to an Ayurveda expert after the ailment has progressed, then the cure will definitely take longer.
  • Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects: By far, this is the most dangerous myth about Ayurveda that we have come across. Ayurvedic medicines combine a variety of organic as well as natural substances like herbs, leaves, sand or even some stones like diamond etc. Consuming them in the exact proportion, as advised by your doctor, is the best solution for you. However, consuming it in improper dosage or without knowing about it completely can land you in trouble.
  • Ayurvedic medicines emit heat in your body: When you first consult an Ayurvedic doctor, they will first try to understand your body completely. Ayurveda prescribes medicines which are customized according to your body components- vata, pitta and kapha. The ratio of these components can either create a balance or imbalance in the body. Ayurvedic medicines do the job of creating the right balance, thereby not interfering with other body functions. The medicines, in turn cool your body by creating the balance between hot and cold elements within our body.

Ayurveda is a science of lifestyle. It is a branch of medicine that professes that ailments can be cured by modifying your lifestyle. Therefore, this is a holistic branch of medicine which provides an overall boost to your wellness.

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