Bach Flower remedies for a healthy mind |
Bach Flower remedies for a healthy mind

Bach Flower remedies for a healthy mind

29 May, 2020

Persis J Driver, Counsellor and Bach Flower Remedies Therapist, reveals how Bach flowers extracts help heal various diseases and conditions. She says, “Bach Flower Remedies deal with your higher chakras, which are above the solar plexus. There are no chemicals, metals or minerals involved in the treatment. It works by eliminating negative feelings, emotions, pain or anything that you are keeping bottled up. Many psychosomatic diseases are healed over a period or time. Some faster and others slower.”depre

These are available in liquid form and as sugar pills which look like homeopathy pills. According to Persis, many mental health issues can be dealt with effectively using a combination of extracts in both forms. A certified therapist analyses what is affecting you before giving you a composite using the remedies which are taken from extracts of 38 flowers. Here are some everyday issues that can be addressed using these remedies:

Mental exhaustion

You may be tired through the day or wake up tired because of insomnia. Sometimes you may not get restful sleep because your mind is active through the night. The treatment helps deal with sleeplessness or tiredness and other issues that lead to mental fatigue. 

Olive is one of the remedies used for easing mental exhaustion. 


When you feel angry, the essences help you calm down within a few minutes by eliminating the rush of reaction. Over time you learn not to react angrily but respond after assessing the situation when you are calm.

Holly and Cherry Plum remedy can be used to fight anger. 

Fear and Anxiety

You can be rid of both known and unknown fears. Anxiety also may be of different types like some people have social anxiety or others have phobias that cause anxiety. The flower extracts are effective against all these fears and worries.

For example, it can be used for even coping with something like exam fear that many children face. The drops can also be applied to the pulse points for easy absorption, which makes it safe for babies who need to be soothed.

Larch or Mimulus remedy can change your approach to fear by helping rid y


Sometimes the reason for putting off a task may be doubt or fear of not being good at it or not being able to perform it properly. These can be addressed using a composite of different flower extracts.


As Bach Flower remedies are great for managing anxiety and helping calm the mind, they are also used to fight depression. 

Gorse and Sweet Chestnut remedy helps cope with depression.

Persis highlights how these remedies can be used during acutely stressful situations as well. According to her, one of the most effective remedies that works to revive patients instantly is the Rescue remedy. “I have experienced this first hand. A co-passenger in a flight who was very ill and slipping into unconsciousness was revived using this remedy. After I administered the treatment, she was well enough to walk out of the plane,” she explains. This potent remedy is composed of Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock rose, Clematis and Impatiens.

Persis also believes in using meditation and relaxation techniques along with Bach Flower Remedies to boost effectiveness and she recommends you contact a certified therapist to get the appropriate composite that will help for your specific issue or condition.

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