Bach Flowers - a great way to deal with depression! |
Bach Flowers – a great way to deal with depression!

Bach Flowers – a great way to deal with depression!

9 Jul, 2020

Let’s talk about the importance of our emotional health and well being. Our physical health is a reflection of our emotional and our mental health. Bach flower therapy is one of the most effective tools to help heal any emotional issues/blockages that we may be experiencing.
Bach flowers are 38 identified flowers whose pure essences help relieve various emotional issues. These essences help restore our emotions to their most positive state and hence increase our overall state of mental emotional and physical well being. Super easy to use , no known side effects and can by used by anyone from kids to the elderly and especially animals.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness/loss of interest in life. If untreated can get severe with time sometimes leading to suicidal tendencies or absolute apathy and resignation in life.

Bach flowers are very helpful while treating depression. There are several remedies for depression which help balance the negative feelings with a positive state of hope and a zest for life.

The different Bach remedies are
Gentian – when you feel mildly depressed for a known cause. Minor setbacks in life sometimes make us feel easily disheartened and pessimistic.

Mustard – when your suddenly sad or depressed without any reason. Almost like a dark cloud has descended on you taking away all your happiness .This feeling travels in waves and comes and goes.

Gorse -When u feel complete despair, a sense of hopelessness descends on you. You give up the belief that you or your can be helped.

Sweet chestnut – Extreme anguish and pain. When you can take no more. Very helpful for people with terminal diseases and big setbacks in life.

Wild Rose – use it when you feel complete apathy and resignation in life.

If you recognise any of the above for yourselves or family and friends, please reach out before it’s too late. Help is always available. Life is very precious.


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