Breathe Right To Love Right with Breathwork |
Breathe Right To Love Right with Breathwork

Breathe Right To Love Right with Breathwork

26 Mar, 2019

We’ve learned that Breathwork can positively influence so many things, from sleep to focus. Do you also know that the breath you take can make your relationship better? You may be thinking how Breathwork therapy, a breath in-and-out activity can boost your relationship prowess, right?

Here is how:

1) It keeps You Thankful

One of the very top reasons for Breathwork making a  relationship beautiful  is its influence on the frame of mind. By regulating your emotions, Breathwork can help you retain a positive frame of mind. As a result, you remain thankful and thankfulness, in turn, strongly predicts long-lasting love.

Several researches confirmed that, as time goes on, we get too familiarized with our partners and undervalue them. That’s the time when people start to see the wrong side of their partner or even failed to remember why they fell in love with them in the first place. By focussing your breath, you can overcome past patterns of negative behaviour in relationships.

Thankful people tend to be more satisfied with what they share in their relationship and hold on to each other.  When you’re thankful, you focus on your partner and appreciate their good sides. Your spouse, in return, feels the appreciation and increases your bond.

2) It Reduces Stress

Most people deal with stress at work. Unluckily, they take the stress home and share it with their partner – which comes in the form of  mood swings, lack of affection, etc.  With time, this frequent occurrence can result in a negative atmosphere at home and reduce the bond between partners.

If you can include this breathing-based meditation into your daily routine, stress, and anxiety will be tremendously reduced and this will help you strengthen your bond with your partner.

3) Breathwork Helps You Stay Positive

Being positive makes you more creative, focused, charismatic, and productive.  In fact, it improves your ability to learn and explore the world differently.

And in particular, positive emotions allow you to easily connect with your partner. As a result, Breathwork makes us more open-minded and improves our bond with each other. So, with the help of a well-qualified Breathwork therapist you can train yourself to breathe right to forge better relationships.


Sheryl Kraft is a freelance health writer and breast cancer survivor, born in Long Beach, New York.

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