Building a Better World: Top 5 NGOs Aiming to Eradicate Poverty |
Building a Better World: Top 5 NGOs Aiming to Eradicate Poverty

Building a Better World: Top 5 NGOs Aiming to Eradicate Poverty

17 Dec, 2019

We are close to stepping into 2020. And yet, poverty remains one of the world’s biggest challenges. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.2 billion people across the globe live in extreme poverty (less than a dollar per day). What’s even more shocking is the fact that over 1 billion children lose their lives each day due to poverty, as per UNICEF

Now whether a particular country’s government is to be held responsible or the world government for the same is still a question. However, non-profit and non-governmental organizations world-over are working relentlessly to eradicate poverty through the means of different methods. So, we’ve curated a list of the NGOs which are effort, ethics, and time tested, to a great degree. 

  1. Barefoot College

Rajasthan-based Barefoot College, otherwise known as The Social Work and Research Centre (SWRC), is a voluntary organization committed to addressing poverty in a way that rural India’s poor take the onus of their success by leveraging the knowledge and skills already existing in the community. Barefoot’s programs are designed to emphasize the demystification and decentralization of the use of technology, while working closely with the often-illiterate locals in different areas of specialization, giving them the freedom to plan, maintain, and implement all the initiatives themselves. These efforts of Barefoot have not gone unnoticed – the programs have given rise to employment, incomes, and other environmental benefits, alongside improvement in the socio-economic statuses of villages nearby.

  1. Embracing the World 

Embracing the World is a global network of initiatives working towards eradicating poverty world-over. The Kerala-based NGO has a presence in nearly twenty countries and is led by Amma, a global humanitarian, who works in accord with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Providing basic needs such as food, healthcare, education, shelter and livelihood has been their primary focus. Their initiatives help feed over 10 million people each year, not just in India but globally. Embracing the World is particularly active during natural disasters or emergencies, both in assisting the victims and providing financial assistance. 

  1. The Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation, a non-profit of Bill and Melinda Gates, is dedicated to improving global health, education, and eradicating poverty by enabling grants to organizations working towards introducing new malaria vaccines, scholarships for rural kids, and irrigation systems for African smallholder farmers. The utter scale of its philanthropy is astonishing. With an endowment worth $43.5 billion, The Gates Foundation has been pronounced as the largest philanthropic foundation in the world. All told, the foundation is now the second-largest donor of the WHO, after the United States, and also a contributor to other key global players and UN agencies, like the World Bank and Global Fund. 

  1. BRAC

Founded in 1972 to aid refugees after Bangladesh’s war of liberation, BRAC, earlier known as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, is the largest non-governmental organization in the world. BRAC primarily works towards eradicating poverty and also focuses on other issues that people from rural backgrounds face. Since commencement, BRAC has undertaken several initiatives and developmental goals and has managed to impact the lives of over 100 million people world-over. BRAC, often referred to as a mini-government – owing to its billion-worth portfolio and an army of volunteers, directs its efforts on improving and developing conditions in 11 countries including, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Liberia, Myanmar, the Philippines, South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda. 

  1. Parinaam Foundation

Headquartered in Bengaluru with regional offices in New Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, Parinaam Foundation is committed to alleviating poverty by offering healthcare, education, food, and shelter to the deprived communities across India. Parinaam’s flagship initiative, The Urban Ultra Poor Program, is designed to tackle poverty for families over a period of 12 months through the means of healthcare support, livelihood development, education and childcare, financial literacy, and social support. To date, the non-profit has benefited over 500000 people, which is likely to double in 2020, as per their estimation. 

Through these five NGOs, many people from different parts of the world have been experiencing a better life. Besides working for eradicating poverty, some of the program’s undertaken by these NGOs have also helped reduce financial risks, increase income levels, and improve overall security. There’s no stopping these organizations from supporting and encouraging many of the deprived.  

Akanksha Shukla is a content strategist, writer by the day and reader by the night- all with the trusted companionship of coffee!


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