Calm In Chaos: Here are 3 ways to control anxiety, on-the-go! |
Calm In Chaos: Here are 3 ways to control anxiety, on-the-go!

Calm In Chaos: Here are 3 ways to control anxiety, on-the-go!

6 Jun, 2019

It’s Thursday morning, you have loads of work to finish before you hit the weekend button. Obviously, that presentation you prepared for isn’t as good, neither are the local modes of travel very comfortable. Everything is utter entropy. You really want to scream at the top of your lungs and maybe then, you will feel good?

Of course, I don’t suggest you do that. I suggest you read this further to calm your nerves while you are on-the-go!

Overwhelmed much? Try these tricks

We understand that it is not quite possible to sit and relax on a day when everything around you seems to go kaput. We also get that the hurly-burly outside is too much to ignore. But unless you control all that happens inside you, little can be done from the outside. Here are 5 things to control your anxiety while you are traveling or amidst some maddening crowd:

    1. Cut-off from the gadget: One of the most annoying realities of our lives today is the ‘blessed phone’. The constant buzzing, tinkling and vibrations that your phones put you through are unbelievably tiring. You can’t be available all the time, FOR EVERYONE. Get that right! The first thing you should do while you feel anxious overwhelmed or extremely stressed is to put off that phone and just not focus.
      One thing I do to inculcate this practice daily is to put my phone in my bag and forget about it as I enter the train and use it only when I am about to reach the destination. The chaos that this little device puts you through isn’t good. Don’t get us started about the URGENCY-illusion that your gadgets shove down your throat.
    2. Posture it well: Well, this is one of the most undermined ways to de-stress. While you are on your way to work, posture it up. Sit with your back straight. You don’t have to start meditating or sitting in a perfect mudra to calm yourself. Just sit down, with your back straight and close your eye. Don’t force any thoughts or discard anything. Live in the moment and just BE. The stillness inside will illuminate you greatly.
    3. Breathe: Nature has its own way of treating you. There’s nothing as soothing as surrendering to nature’s lap. Just focus on your breathing pattern. As I said above, don’t force it on you but observe the way you breathe and you will soon notice that you are in much peace that before.

Pro-tip: I generally carry a handful of almonds or probiotics like curd with me to ease my anxiety. There are some foods that can help you in a good way too!   

All of the above is a part of Zen meditation. The meditation, just as its name suggests aims at offering a fulfilling life to each one of us. Try these quick tips and let us know how it helped you in the comments section below!

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