Can Past Life Regression actually help in treating depression? |
Can Past Life Regression actually help in treating depression?

Can Past Life Regression actually help in treating depression?

21 May, 2019

When Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone came in front of the camera and confessed that she suffered from clinical depression, it was widely questioned. Was it a publicity stunt? What could have been the problem to someone as famous and rich as Bollywood most sought-after actress?

While a lot of questions were raised, we cannot deny the speculation that this ailment suddenly received. A lot of famous personalities joined hands with her and came out in the open- discussing this ailment in greater detail. But why are talking about her now? Is this some promotion- NO!

But we do have a reason to talk about depression here. For years together, depression has been considered as a taboo word, rather than the sort of attention this ailment had to receive. Gradually, however, we are shifting to understand it better.

What is depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 7.6% of people over the age of 12 have suffered depression for at least a span of 2-weeks. World Health Organization calls this illness as the most common cause of disability in the world. About 350 million people reportedly suffered this ailment globally.

Unlike any other ailment, depression doesn’t come with a fixed set of symptoms. It is an ailment that can rupture your life in devastating ways. Extreme sadness, uncontrollable mood swings, change of appetite, trouble sleeping or oversleeping, cutting off from others, lack of interest in pleasurable activities could be few red flags.

Causes of depression

Almost nobody in this world can point at the exact cause of depression for a person. This is so because depression is caused by a set of thoughts, actions, and happenings in our body. Here are some of the most common causes of depression:

  1. Life Events: When we say that depression is caused by a life event, we mean it is triggered by it. Bereavement, loss of a loved one, a terrible heartbreak or any such life-changing misfortune can trigger depression.
  2. Genetics: You are, what your genetics decide for you. This is very true even in case of ailments. If your twin is diagnosed with clinical depression, there are 70% chances of you acquiring it in your lifetime too.
  3. Childhood trauma: Your childhood shapes the person you are and there are no two ways about how it can affect your future. Most people with depression agree to have experienced a traumatic childhood. Child-abuse, for example, is a leading cause of depression in young adults.
  4. Personality: Some people, are more vulnerable than others in terms of suffering this ailment. Those who are pessimistic, suffer from low self-esteem, those with less coping mechanisms could be affected a little more.
  5. Environmental factors: In a psychiatry clinic, almost half of those who have come to get treated with depression will point at least one environmental factor. It could be domestic violence, constant exposure to violence, neglect, abuse (of any kind).

How can Past Life Regression help in treating depression?

According to Thriive-verified Wellness and Spiritual Coach Hitesh Vashisht, ” According to PLR, depression is caused because of some experiences that inflicted trauma within you. This trauma caused you to believe something about yourself. That memory is causing depression.”

In other words, if a king was stabbed to death in his previous birth by his own guards, he may end up having trust issues or may think he isn’t worthy of himself in this birth. So how exactly can it be treated?

Hitesh answers, “Re-living is relieving. When we take PLR sessions, we try to face those memories and come out of them.”

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