Can Tarot Get You Closer To Your Love? |
Can Tarot Get You Closer To Your Love?

Can Tarot Get You Closer To Your Love?

21 Aug, 2019

On this particularly interesting Wednesday Morning, as I sat down to research about tarot card reading and its effectiveness, I seemed fully convinced that there is a lot more that needs to be done in terms of knowing about this truly. That’s when a phone call with an expert gave a definitive sense of direction.

Neeta Jhaveri is an Internationally Qualified Tarot Card Reader, Healer, Clairvoyant & Psychic expert. This renowned Thriive-verified expert explained to me about how tarot reading effectively works and how it can be used to know if your love life can be worked upon. “We see clients who wish to know about their love life all the time. It is the desire to be loved and wanting to love that unifies us in all our desires,” said Jhaveri in a phone-interview.

Can Tarot get you closer to love?

Love, as I generally say is like a mirror. It doesn’t always give you back what you wish to get/ acquire. A skinny person will end up looking skinny in the mirror no matter how hard she/he tries to seem otherwise. Likewise, love is an emotion that comes with its own set of desires, expectations, and commitments- irrespective of how welcoming you are, of them.

You could be having a lot of roadblocks in your love life because of your past or other baggage that you carry subconsciously. That’s where Tarot card reading comes to your rescue. “A lot of people cannot move on from their past because they never really get over the past energies. You must know that unless you let go off the past energy, you will not be able to manifest anything new,” explained Jhaveri.

Past energies are basically those emotional bondages, mental blocks or the energies from people that we carry along with us. Furthermore, she said, “A lot of times we have fears deep within us. Fear of being cheated or starting anew or the fear of moving on etc. That’s why we sit across to guide them to find the right path.”

A tarot card reader will help you to get rid of those energies by analyzing your current state and giving you regular sessions that will help you heal in the right way. Make sure you ask the right questions to get the most accurate answers. When you head to go a tarot expert, you must know exactly what you want to know from them.


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