Colours that Curb Sleep: How to Refurnish your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep |
Colours that Curb Sleep: How to Refurnish your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

Colours that Curb Sleep: How to Refurnish your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

2 Nov, 2019

Like good food, friends, health and wealth, sleep is one of the few things you can never have enough of. Sadly, for a lot of us, relaxing and getting into a restful slumber after a long day of work isn’t always easy. Ever noticed, the moment we sprinkle our peach blossom linen sprays and lay our heads upon our cushiony pillows, a silly thing we said five years ago pops into our head instantly? And, oh yes, don’t we have an important meeting with the client coming up the next day? Wouldn’t night be a perfect time to obsess about our preparation for it? 

There are plenty of ways to trick our brain and bodies into falling asleep faster, as it is said. Some are more helpful than others, and colour shades along with the interior design of the bedroom is likely to cure years of insomnia. The colours, textures, patterns, and designs we choose to surround ourselves with, whether through the décor we shortlist for our room, the outfits we wear, or indeed, the bedsheets, express a lot about who we are and what our personality is. 

Colours can transform our approach, the way we feel about a person, place, or ourselves, influencing temperaments and moods. You find it hard to believe? But some colours do help in calming us, thereby putting us to a good night’s sleep. Here, we have mentioned the three colours science states are good for those wanting a restful sleep.

  1. Blue 

As per a 2013 study conducted by Travelodge – a British hotel chain, people who sleep in bedrooms with a blue colour get the best and most sleep at night. The study also stated that blue colour promotes sleep, tranquillity, and relaxation, and found 58 percent of research participants waking up fresh and joyful. Interestingly, another study conducted by the Edinburg Sleep Centre found that the ganglion cells, that are located in the retina, are most sensitive to different shades of blue. People who have chosen blue as the colour of their bedroom’s wall sleep almost 7 hours and 52 minutes every night. 

Blue represents: Sea, sky, stability, tranquil, peacefulness, intelligence, trust, truth, confidence and wisdom.

Fun Facts of Blue:

  • Reduces blood pressure and controls heart rate
  • Suppresses appetite and slows metabolism
  • Promote physical relaxation 
  • Pacifies the mind and body
  • Improves productivity 
  • Helps lift heavier weights in a room coloured with blue
  1. Yellow

If you are the kind of person looking for something vibrant, bright, and a tad chirpier, yellow would make the perfect colour. Think of subtle lemon-yellow colour or a creamy shade with a light tone of yellow for the bedroom if you want to improve sleep patterns and are not a huge fan of blues or greens. Yellow being a bold shade, it induces a strong emotional response on one hand, but can also be soothing and soft on the other, depending on the depth of the colour. Yellow is an attention-grabber, and so, it is best if applied in smaller sections. 

Yellow represents: Joy, optimism, energy, happiness, cheerfulness, and intellect 

Fun facts of Yellow:

  • Improves muscle energy
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Evokes pleasant feelings
  • Enhances concentration
  • Difficult colour for the human eye
  • Used for issuing warnings
  1. Green

So, since blue isn’t for everyone, consider an earthy green shade, which trails right behind yellow. Green is a sign of nature, is the easiest shade to take in and also the most preferred colour to paint bedrooms in the house. 

Several studies have observed that those sleeping in green bedrooms woke up feeling upbeat, positive, calm, and fresh. What’s more, those surrounded by green walls in their bedroom get an average sleep of 7 hours 36 minutes. So, if you are hunting for sleep retreat, green should be your go-to colour for the bedroom. 

Green represents: Nature, tranquillity, growth, relaxation, safety, wealth, fertility, and endurance

Fun facts of Green:

  • Popular decorating colour
  • Helps improving vision
  • Soothing colour on the human eye
  • Considered the colour of love and peace 

What about Kids?

While sleep deprivation mostly occurs to adults, don’t miss out on children’s bedrooms. Most children and their parents want quirky, upbeat bedrooms with elaborate patterns and colours. Sure, such bedrooms look attractive, but they’re also inhibiting the deep and sound sleep children need. 

Improve your life with Colour Therapy

If your end goal is sleep, specifically restful sleep, be mindful of the colours you apply to your bedroom. If you’re still drawn to your favorite colour, there are plenty of other rooms to portray your personality and induce the energies you want to augment your living spaces.


Akanksha Shukla is a content strategist, writer by the day and reader by the night- all with the trusted companionship of coffee!

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