Day 1 Of QEC2: Meet The Future Of Energy Medicine Here |
Day 1 Of QEC2:  Meet The Future Of Energy Medicine Here

Day 1 Of QEC2: Meet The Future Of Energy Medicine Here

9 Feb, 2018

Today the starlights of Quantum Energy landed at Pyramid Valley for QEC2, making it abuzz with the latest innovations and creations in the field. The speakers, who came from as far away as USA as well as from closer home, were joyously welcomed by Brahmarshi Patriji, the force behind QEC2, as well as Shreans Daga, the ED of Thriive Art & Soul which organises and manages the Quantum Energy Conclave. They were as pumped up to share their path-breaking experiences in quantum energy medicine as was the audience to hear them.
It was not a coincidence then, that it was Republic Day, the day the Constitution came into existence to keep all the states of India joined together to form a cohesive whole. Quantum energy helps us to keep our body’s constitution at the top of its game by balancing its energies. This is the base of Quantum Energy medicine. Not surprisingly, it takes a lot of its basics from the ancient vedic traditions of Chakras and nadis and energy meridians as well as from our ancient texts, especially the Bhagvad Gita. 
A Holistic Gathering
It was a varied gathering. Holistic healers, alternative health therapists and wellness experts rubbed shoulders with health enthusiasts, college students and medical professionals.
And none were disappointed.
There was Bharat, a businessman from Bangalore, who claimed to visit every year, because, “I want to find out more about things I don’t understand (referring to quantum energy).” Vandana, a gynaecologist, who had travelled all the way from Chandigarh, said she had “come with an empty cup to learn what quantum energy was all about.”
The media was in a tizzy, hovering around for an interview with the international speakers, who uptil now, we’d only seen in YouTube videos.
Mind-boggling Innovations. Fascinating Speakers
And so, when Nipa Das (from UK), the first speaker of the day, took the podium, there was eager expectation amongst the audience. They joined in enthusiastically as she did a warm up of sorts with exercises to help open up the body to the energising vibes. She also shared interesting insights, one of which was the different ways of chanting Aum, depending on whether one’s body was of the kapha, pitta or vatta type, thereby getting customized energy healing.
Next was Dr. Srinivasa Murthy.D from India, who spoke about lasers and how the cellular mechanism of Quantum Energy Medicine works in tissue regeneration. This finds a lot of use in treating Cancer and Leprosy, for example.
Larry Michael Beasley, who hails from the US, gave a presentation that was mostly technical but he also said it like it is: “We have met the enemy and he is US!” This means, you are as prone to self-sabotaging all aspects of your life as you are to enhancing it.
He shared studies that showed that there was a 1000fold increase in the biomagnetic energy caused by a good intention. “Keep in mind that the brain is a smart organ,” Beasley informed us. “When the brain decides to become dysfunctional it will become perfectly dysfunctional in a precise way,” he said. STOP. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? Empowering stuff, hopefully. The brain is listening!!!
Lunch time was a great time to network with other attendees as well as have a one-on-one with the Masters. It was a congenial setting with food native to the region. Jowari rotis sat side by side with tandoori rotis. Channa gave company to a vegetable dish made of drumsticks and boondi while Mysore Pak held sway in the desserts department. Yes, there were the regulation papads, curds and rasam (you foodie you). If the food was as organic as could be, the way it was served was equally so. Plates, bowls and spoons made of dried leaf made the experience more soul-warming and natural.
Post-lunch, many more Masters shared their research and case studies which the audience took in with great attention.
Jan Van Der Est from Netherlands who spoke about allergies, informed how every cell in the body knows how to communicate 24×7 (bio communication). He also spoke about the Morphogenetic field which is shared by the human race. This field gives guidance on an information level, that is through intuition and intention, as opposed to on the energy and body level.
Don Paris, the co-creator of SE-5, demonstrated the power of Radionics and SE-5 technology on cut fresh flowers. This dynamic innovator and researcher from the US also showed an experiment he had conducted at the Pyramid. A tomato he had kept near a pyramid at Pyramid Valley was prevented from rotting by the energy frequencies he kept on sending to it.
Lutie Larsen (from US) speaking about sacred environments said that we are always surrounded by energy which is especially apparent when we are in large groups. But certain shapes create energetic resonance such as the Pyramid at PVI.
From closer home, China, came the young researcher Wang Gang. “Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the best doctors prevent diseases from happening,” he said. His project consisted of incorporating the energies of traditional methods of healing with quantum energy in the form of holograms.
Ecstasy of Rhythms
The stars were beginning to play peek-a-boo by the time the lectures ended.
After-dinner was time for ‘Songs of Kabir’ at the charmingly rustic Amphitheatre. And how! “Mann laago mero yaar fakiri mein…” Singer Vipul Rikhi’s mellifluous voice gave a depth to all that Kabir wanted to convey. And what an ecstasy they wrought. Feet couldn’t stop tapping and hands couldn’t stop clapping. It was only a matter of minutes before Vipul invited everyone to surrender to their inner dancer. The stars smiled as the delegates whirled and swirled even as the notes of the dohas added to the gleam of the moon nearing fullness.
It was an hour later when all turned in for the night, tired but equally excited to wake up the next day at 6am to meditate with Brahmarshi Patriji and the melodious strains of his flute.
(Quantum Energy Conclave2 was held in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, from 26th to 28th January 2018).


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