Day 2 Of QEC2: Immersion In Quantum Energy Medicine |
Day 2 Of QEC2: Immersion In Quantum Energy Medicine

Day 2 Of QEC2: Immersion In Quantum Energy Medicine

13 Feb, 2018

You haven’t experienced peace if you’ve never meditated. Eastern philosophy considers it (and acknowledged globally) to be the best way to begin the day. And if it is accompanied by music, there can be nothing more soothing.

One felt mentally, physically and emotionally rejuvenated after a double dose of meditation: flute meditation with Thriive Pillar and founder of PSSM, Brahmarshi Patriji, which was followed by guided meditation by Living From Vision founder, Ilona Selke. It was time for the Speakers to take the stage which was set for a digital presentation by well-renowned Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) experts Donna Eden and David Feinstein from USA.

Among a lot of the information shared by Donna, one of the things that resonated was how the body has 14 meridians and that they are connected with all our organs. Any illness can be cured by ensuring that the energies flow to exactly where they need to flow by thumping on the respective meridians.

Eva Gold from Canada, one of the top practitioners of EEM, added further synergy to the presentation as she carried over from where Donna and David’s presentation ended. She spoke about the nine systems of energy in our body which we need to keep re-aligning in order to regain optimal health which is lost in our day-to-day functioning. One of her examples included hormonal imbalances which can be cured if the chakras, that run along the spine, are aligned properly.

This was happening on the first floor of the Pyramid at PVI, one of Asia’s largest meditational pyramids, which can seat almost a 1000 people at a time. The hall at the base of the pyramid was seeing its own energetic activity. It was lined with stalls where one could learn more about and even experience the many innovative devices of energy medicine.

The most popular was the Thriive Art & Soul stall where the dedicated team explained to the visitors the many benefits of being connected to Thriive Art & Soul (*hint – Alternative healers and lightworkers could register for FREE!). An exuberant presentation about Thriive by its CEO, Pinky Daga, and her team had the audience agog.

Equally popular was the Svaram stall. It’s creative director, Aurelio, world renowned organologist, ceremonial musician and sound therapist, patiently demonstrated the different sound effects created by the many intriguing instruments displayed in the stall. One could experience the Swinging- and Rotating Chimes, Tubular Bells, Plate Gongs, PulseTubes, the sounds of which were tuned to create deeper states of consciousness. One fascinating instrument was the Ocean Drum that simulated the sound of ocean waves, which one could spend hours listening to. A set of African rattles played by Aurelio transported one to an earlier primal era in time.

Svaram also created a Sound Bath, a wooden bed with musical strings below it and which was surrounded on all sides with musical instruments. The sound waves from the many instruments worked at intervals, enveloping the client in a healing cloud. Well, this was an experience that could only be felt when actually undertaken.

A teeny-weeny taste of it was given by Aurelio in his post-dinner session when the inside of the pyramid, lighted down to a serene coziness, saw the attendees sprawled on the floor in the Shavaasana pose. Aurelio and his team then went around the room in a beautifully choreographed dance of sorts, starting at the King’s Chamber (the highest energetic point of the Pyramid) immersing the attendees in healing waves of sound.

On the other side was the stall by Medlabs, the pioneer Quantum Energy research lab set up by PVI from where one was taken to visit the main lab to see and experience a much wider range of Quantum energy devices including the Scenar Cosmodic, SE-5 1000, BrainTap, HRV, LASER, Reflex Foot Energizer, amongst others.

Delegates had a great time trying on the BrainTap at Dr. Patrick Porter’s stall, a device that was worn on the eyes like a mask with earphones, designed to retrain the brain waves to perform to their highest potential.

It was a day of exciting happenings and new experiences for every member of the audience.

Earlier in the evening, QEC2’s Star Speaker Dr. Fred Alan Wolf who is known worldwide as Dr. Quantum, regaled the audience with a card trick based on the principle of Focus. It seemed so simple when he explained how it worked! Made one think about what one was focussing on in life and thereby ignoring perhaps other important information.

“YOU-niverse is what you create with your thoughts,” according to Dr. Wolf. Very simply and eloquently, using cartoons and graphics, he explained the principles of quantum physics and of manifestation. One came out of the session with a smile on one’s face, especially after the sweet interaction between Dr. Wolf and Patriji in which the latter said that the scientist was a “Quantum Swamiji”. The session had ended on a high note after an invigorating Q&A.

Later at tea, Yoga Master and Reiki expert Anita said she was pleasantly surprised to learn “the amazing ways in which quantum energy could be used.”

Ruma, a chakra cleansing and balancing expert, relaxing under the pyramid-canopied chairs that lined the path from the main pyramid to the beautiful gardens, was enthusiastic about the great quantum (pun unintended) of learning she gained from the sessions.

It was, in all, a packed day, full of joy and wisdom gained in the beautiful vibrations of Pyramid Valley.

(Quantum Energy Conclave2 was held in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, from 26th to 28th January, 2018).


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