Day 3 Of QEC2: Immense Possibilities Exist Within Us |
Day 3 Of QEC2: Immense Possibilities Exist Within Us

Day 3 Of QEC2: Immense Possibilities Exist Within Us

16 Feb, 2018

In quantum energy, it is said believing is seeing. Yes, this is the play of quantum physics mechanics.

On the final day of the Conclave, case studies were shown by Dr. Jayesh Shah in which healing took place by the very act of the patient going deep into their feelings. Skeptics, please excuse. The results were breath-gaspingly amazing! And when Jonaki, the compere, invited the doctors in the room to come on stage after the session ended, they thronged there feeling proud and excited. Doctors who were heads of departments in hospitals in Chandigarh and other places around the country, an orthodontist and an oncologist from Mumbai and even a young, newly-graduated medical doctor, gave a virtual huzzah to the immense possibilities they had just witnessed by one of their own. All of them were keen to discover how they too could incorporate quantum principles into their methods of healing.

Most of them were students of Dr. Newton & Dr.Lakshmi, beloved of all. This was apparent quite clearly in the packed house the doctors’ meditation and lecture sessions saw.

Many Masters For Many

Dr. Newton had said that the paradigm for healing had changed from what it was in the past. From One Master For Many, it was now Many Masters For Many, which is what QEC2 also believes in: All Speakers, accomplished scientists and teachers in their own right, generously sharing their teachings with all and encouraging them to seek answers within themselves.

They spoke about Anapanasati Meditation and the Art of healing oneself. Dr Newton reminded the audience that no one but they themselves could give them what they were seeking. He lovingly admonished the audiences (thousands of his fans were watching the Thriive Facebook page online) not to be so keen to look for an external healer, outside of themselves. He asked people to introspect, why they were so eager to avoid meditation but ready to run to clinics, and hope that someone else- even if it was a doctor, could redeem them. He reminded the audience of the power that lay within, and answers which could be accessed only through knowing oneself via a commitment to deep meditation. And that there was no shortcut to health but to do this inner work.

This was the sentiment also expressed by Dr. Patrick Porter as he gave a salute to the evolved traditional medicine of India which is the base of most of the techniques of Quantum Energy Medicine.

His childhood was one of abuse but also of redemption and this created in him the desire to share his knowledge with others. He created the BrainTap technology which retrains brainwaves to empower the individual.

Unlimited Universe

“We’re all evolved bodies of the energies of the cosmos who can heal themselves if they remember,” said Dr. Porter. “Many cultures need additional gadgets to understand the quantum energy world, but India, which is the place where meditation and yoga originated, have audiences which are so evolved that they are probably very close to ascension,” added Dr. Porter. These are the words that shall resonate with every visitor to QEC2 as they explore their own unlimited universe.

Dr.Neeta Shah’s team spoke about the TimeWaver while Capt. Arvind Singh along with ACMOS representatives from the UK showed the practical but almost magical services provided by The ACMOS method.

After a beautiful closing ceremony with the Speakers felicitated once again by Patriji and Shreans Daga, the Executive Director of Thriive, yet another edition of QEC2 ended with a promise to be back soon, bigger and even better. After all, when QEC is raised to the power of three, the expectation of exponential growth in new topics of research and audience size is expectedly a mathematical certainty!

(Quantum Energy Conclave2 was held in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, from 26th to 28th January, 2018).


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